My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q3 – 2015

Google Analytics

Once again, it is time for another of my Google Analytics reports. In these reports, I share the most interesting numbers from Google Analytics that I might think my readers would like to know. I also try to come with my own analyze of the numbers and what I have been doing well and not so well for the last 3 months. All in all I give you my number for those who find that kind as interesting as I do.

Review of Jabra Sport Wireless+ headset

Jabra Wireless Sports Headset

I while ago I received this cool Jabra Sport Wireless+ headset as a gift. Now it is time for me to share this little review with you. With this headset, you can enjoy a good running in the nature with music in your ears without any wires that gets in the way. The headsets connect to your phone using Bluetooth technology.

My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q2 – 2015

Google Aanalytics

Another quarter has past and it is time for another of my popular Google Analytics Traffic Reports. Each quarter of the year, I share my traffic numbers and explain how I have been doing traffic-vice and what I have been doing well and what I need to focus on in the months to come. I know I am a bit late with this report, but here it is, including traffic data for this blog from 1 April 2o15 – 30 June 2015.

Giveaway of System Mechanic on Sysadmin Day


In cooperation with I am happy to celebrate this year’s Sysadmin Appreciation Day, hosting a giveaway of 3 licenses for System Mechanic here on my blog. The giveaway will run until 31th of July, the date for this year’s official System Administrator Appreciation Day :-)

Why you should upgrade to Windows 10


Windows 10 is to be release later this month. In this post, I will tell you why you should consider upgrading to the next version of Windows being released on 29th of July. Microsoft has made a lot of improvement over Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to make Windows 10 a success.