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How to test if a firewall port is open – Powershell

Microsoft Powershell can be uses to a lot of amazing stuff. I have been using powershell for years now, but I am still learning cool stuff.

What is Active Directory Operations Master Roles?

In this post I will tell you about the Operations Master Roles in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). If you are a System Administrator working with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) it is important that you understand the 5 Operation Master Roles in Active Directory. When you work with multiple domain controllers or maybe even a multidomain Active Directory installation it is important that you know how the 5 master roles in AD works. The 5 roles can be put into 2 categories: Forestwide, and Domainwide. The forest-wide roles only exist once in the entire AD forest, but the Domain-wide roles as the name says only valid for each domain in the Active Directory database.

Change the channel on your access point or router



Today’s post is a tip about wireless network.

If you can see a lot of other wireless networks besides your own where you are living, you might want to switch to another channel on your router or access point. In my case I can see more than 10 wireless networks where I live. In this case this can cause some issues with connectivity and speed if too many of them are using the same channel as I am. This problem is that many of the products you buy today use the same default channel/frequency. To avoid this I have found out how to detect which channel the other network are running on and changed my channel to another one that not was used by others. To figure out what channel is optimal for your router or access point, you can use the free software named insSIDer from Metageek. With this software installed you can see what channel your neighbors use and change to a channel that not is used by anyone only be a few networks. If too many Wi-Fi router/access points are using the same channel they might interfere with each other. The channel that is best in my situation might not be the one that you should use. You will have to test what is best in your situation. With insSIDer you can get an idea of what is best for your network.

insSIDer (Click to see large image)

Each channel represents a frequency.

Here is the list of channels (frequencies associated) of the ISM bandwidth (2.4 GHz) authorized in Wi-Fi:

Channel 1: 2.412 MHz
Channel 2: 2.417 MHz
Channel 3: 2.422 MHz
Channel 4: 2.427 MHz
Channel 5: 2.432 MHz
Channel 6: 2.437 MHz
Channel 7: 2.442 MHz
Channel 8: 2.447 MHz
Channel 9: 2.452 MHz
Channel 10: 2.457 MHz
Channel 11: 2.462 MHz
Channel 12: 2.467 MHz
Channel 13: 2.472 MHz
Channel 14: 2.484 MHz

How to change the channel:

Well on my router (Zyxel) it was pretty easy, but you might need to check the manual of your Wi-Fi product if you can’t find it. Under “Wireless LAN” I had the possibility to change the channel from the factory default to the one I wanted.

You don’t need to change anything on your clients. They will automatically change to the new channel.

Change channel on wifi


Video from Metageektrent’s Youtube Channel

Give it a try and drop me a comment on your experience with insSIDer or changing channel on your Wi-Fi network.

Remove old settings from network cards that no longer are installed

Remove old settings from network cards no longer installed

Today I had a problem with a virtual guest machine (Windows server 2003) on a Hyper-V host. Now that I have found a solution on my problem I thought it would be nice to share it with your guys. I was getting this error after have made some change with my virtual NIC adapters.

The difference between a router and an access point

Access Point or Router?

I don’t know how many times I have been asked that question, but it is many times. It is really difficult for many people to understand the difference between an access point and a router. Many people go out and buy a router, when it actually was an access point they needed to get the job done.  In this post I will try to explain the difference between a router and an access point and when you need which.