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Review of ShowBiz 5 Video Editor from Arcsoft

Today I will review video editor software from the company Arcsoft called Showbiz 5. This software can help you import and editing your videos to make them look more professional. You can add all kind of effects and transitions to make them much more appealing to watch. Once you are done you can upload your videos directly to Facebook or YouTube to share them with your friends. It does not require a monster computer for you to create your own videos and it only requires about 400 MB of disk space.

Review of SA950i headphones from RHA



It is time for another review of a product from RHA.

How to convert a PDF file to Word format


If you sometime has a PDF document you would like to edit or maybe add your own notes to, this post is something that will interest you for sure. You can of cause buy a very expensive program from Adobe or you can use this free online tool that I will tell you about below.

Review of MA450i Earphones from RHA

RHA MA450i earphones

RHA MA450i earphonesIf you are a big fan of listening to music on the go you might need some good earphones to enjoy your music. In this post I will give you a review of a high end set of earphones from RHA audio that I have been testing the last couple of days. These Earphones are designed for Apple products, but can also be used with other devices. However the volume and mute control might not work unless they are used with an Apple device. made-for-logo

Review of System Mechanic 11.0 for Windows

System Mechanic

System MechanicI have been asked if I would test and write a review of System Mechanic for PC from Iolo. Normally I don’t like these kinds of products, because I often find them giving me the problem that they promised they would protect me against. However I have been testing the product for a few days and here is my review of System Mechanic for PC.