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My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q3 2013

This report might a bit late (about a month), but I still hope that you find it interesting to see what brings traffic to my blog and maybe share your own traffic experiences with me in the comment section.

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q2 2013

Another quarter of 2013 has past and as always I like to share my stats form Google Analytics. As many other bloggers I was hit by a big evil Google Penguin that cost me a lot of traffic as you can see on the graph below…!

My Blog has been hit by a big evil Google Penguin


As you properly know Google released their Penguin 2.0 algorithm this Wednesday (May 22, 2013). A lot have been said about this update and the full impact is still to be known, but one thing is for sure. This blog ( was hit, and it has been hit pretty badly. Just overnight I have lost about half my traffic 🙁

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q1 2013

Another 3 months has gone and it is time for another traffic report here on my blog. For each quarter of the year I share some of my traffic stats that I think might interest you, my readers of this blog. Below you can see my stats for the first 3 months of the year of 2013.  If you missed my last post from Q4 2012 you can see it here.

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q4 2012

Google Analytics Map Overlay

Google Analytics

It is time for my last Google Analytics report of 2012. As always I am going to share my traffic stats of the past quarter so you can see how I have been doing traffic-wise for the last 3 months. Overall my traffic has been pretty steady, but there has also been a bit ups and downs along the road.

oh-noMy Google PageRank has dropped

In my last Google Analytics report I was happy to inform you guys that my blog had went from a PR3 to a PR4 blog after the latest Google Page Rank Update. I guess it was a short success. After Google’s update back in November my blog went back to PR3 status. I guess that PR3 is still pretty good for a blog like this and I know that it does not matter that much anymore, but it is always more fun when it is the other way around.

My Google Analytics Stats for Q4 2012

Traffic Types:

  • Search Engines: 67.28%
  • Referring Sites: 18.26%
  • Direct Traffic: 14.40%
  • Other: 0.07%

Search Engines

When it comes to search engines Google still is the king of search. Yahoo is still in front of Bing even this is a Tech Blog and you should think that a lot of my visitors would use Microsoft Bing for searching. As long as Microsoft can’t even beat Yahoo, they are never going to be serious competition for Google when it comes to Search Engines.

  • Google: 94.08%
  • Yahoo: 2.87%
  • Bing: 1.45%

Top 5 Referring Sites:

Google URL Shortener is new as number 1. top referring source one my blog. In my last report from Q3 was number one, but it is not even in top 10 anymore.

  1. (Google URL Shortener)

Top 10 visitors by Country: Google Analytics Map Overlay

  1. United States
  2. Denmark
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Canada
  7. Sweden
  8. Finland
  9. Germany
  10. Netherlands

My visitors are still coming from the same countries. Only change is that Germany and the Netherlands switch spot.

Conclusion on my Traffic Report

Overall my traffic in Q4 of 2012 has been a bit less compared to Q3 of 2012. My blog dropped from PageRank 4 to PageRank 3 and even that I would love to win back my PR4 rank in the new year it does not seem to have much impact on my traffic at all. My organic traffic did drop about 16% compared to Q3, but my overall traffic only dropped about 9%. It might be a bit dangerous to put too much weight in to these numbers because December is a special month and people might be less online in the holidays, I know that I was. One of the reasons why my traffic has dropped over the last couple of months is for sure that I have been less active posting new posts and building back links to my blog. I hope that I will have more time for that in the new year of 2013.

If you have any questions or comments to this post, please leave me a comment below 🙂