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How to analyze Windows BlueScreen of Death (BSOD)


In this post I will introduce you to a great little free tool called WhoCrached. WhoCrashed is a great tool I recently came across looking for a solution to a problem I had. What this program can do is to analyze the dump files created by Windows when it crash making a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), and tells you where to look in order to fix the issue so it don’t happens again.

Review of System Mechanic 11.0 for Windows

System Mechanic

System MechanicI have been asked if I would test and write a review of System Mechanic for PC from Iolo. Normally I don’t like these kinds of products, because I often find them giving me the problem that they promised they would protect me against. However I have been testing the product for a few days and here is my review of System Mechanic for PC.

4 Online Apps Perfect for Google Drive

Google Drive

Google DriveA couple of months ago a I wrote a post about Google Drive. In this post I will introduce you to a couple of online apps that can help you work more efficient with Google Drive. When you have all your files available online where ever you are you might sometimes need some nice online services to work with your files. These 4 online apps seem to be great for that purpose. Go ahead and check them out.

How to display System Information on Desktop with BGInfo

Windows Sysinternal tools

If you need an easy way to Display System Information of a computer on the desktop, then BGInfo from Windows Sysinternals comes to the rescue. If you are an regular visitor to this Blog you know that I have written post about Sysinternals Great Tools before. Sysinternals Tools can help you to deal with all kind of problems you might have with Windows PC’s and servers. The tools are small fast and most of all they are all freeware 🙂

Rename Multiple Files with Bulk Rename Utility

Boring taskI think we all have been there. You have hundreds or maybe thousands of pictures taken with a digital camera on your hard drive and decide to start organize them with better describing filenames than the default names that the camera have given the pictures. It is not a very fun task and it seems like a never ending story. Have you been there? Did you renamed all the files manually or did you quit the task?