Interview with Carolyn Mohr from WonderOfTech

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Carolyn Mohr

Please meet Carolyn Nicander Mohr from The wonder of Tech.

Biography of Carolyn Nicander Mohr:

I am a lawyer, mother to three teenagers and a wife. I live outside Philadelphia, PA in the US and write for The Wonder of Tech which appears at my own website and at the website for The Philadelphia Inquirer. I have been living in the UK for almost 4 years, but moved back to the US in 2010.

10 questions I have asked Carolyn

1. What model was your first computer?

MyFirstComputerCarolyn: An IBM 386 X desktop with a 5 ¼” floppy disk drive amber typeface. That was radically different than the green typeface that  most computers had.
I bought it from a guy who advertised in the newspaper. He sold computers out of his home and I brought along my brother because: a) my brother knows tech and b) I was going to a stranger’s home. The guy was really nice and as we were chatting he mentioned that if he could upgrade the computers anywhere, he would upgrade the computers at a local law firm. He didn’t know it when he said it, but the law firm he mentioned was the law firm where I worked. If my brother hadn’t been there to witness that conversation, no one would have believed that coincidence.

2. Why did you start blogging and why a blog about technology?

Carolyn: I started blogging to help everyday people discover and learn about personal technology. I was an American living in England and used tech to keep in touch with people back home. People hadn’t heard about Skype or GPS (sat nav) units back then so they were very excited to learn about those and other new tech. I gave speeches to organizations about how to use tech to make people’s lives easier. When I moved back to the US, I wanted to continue to share my tech knowledge with others so I started The Wonder of Tech.

I blog about technology because it’s a passion of mine, people are curious about it, people are intimidated by it, and people can benefit greatly from learning about tech. I also love to write so writing a technology blog combines my passions, which is pretty cool.

3. Have you always been a fan of Technology?

Carolyn: Yes, when I arrived at that law firm I mentioned in Question 1, I was hired to advise tech companies about corporate law and intellectual property. I didn’t know tech so the law firm had their tech department train me. I really took a liking to it so they taught me more than they were asked to cover. That was the beginning of my passion for tech.

4. How is it to be a girl in a niche that is still so much dominated by men?

Carolyn: I’m used to being in a male-dominated field. When I started with my first law firm, only three of the one hundred lawyers were women. I now play racquetball with a group that’s mostly men, many of whom are police officers. People might not take me seriously at first, but as long as I deliver, then I fit right in with the guys.

5. Which of your post are you most proud about and why (please include a link)?

Carolyn: I am most proud of the articles I write that help others, especially those with disabilities. Because my blog is not income-producing, I don’t have to depend on traffic to my blog. I will write an article if I believe it could help even one person. I write articles that may have a very narrow audience, but that audience might benefit tremendously by learning about tech.

One such article was Marlee Signs – Learn Sign Language from an App! Marlee_signs-learn_signlanguage about an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that uses videos by Marlee Matlin to teach sign language.  I wrote the article in October last year and the day after Christmas Marlee Matlin appeared on a TV talk show to promote the app. The traffic to my blog was through the roof that day, giving me the heaviest traffic to my blog all year.

So the lesson for bloggers is to write what you think will help people and don’t worry about traffic.

6. What is your favorite app on your smartphone?

Google-maps-app-iOS6Carolyn: Google Maps. I really missed it when it was gone. The app has many functions, but I find it to be especially useful when showing traffic. A creek near us floods a lot and one glance at Google Maps will tell me if the road over that creek is closed due to flooding. 

7. What is your favorite website, except from of cause ;-)

Carolyn: The Wonder of Tech

8. What is your favorite movie?

Carolyn: Titanic. I saw that movie four times in the movie theaters, twice when I was pregnant with twins.

9. What is your favorite tech device at the moment?iPad tablet
Carolyn: My iPad. Every time I leave home without it, I inevitably regret leaving it behind.

10. What are your goals for your blog in 2013?

Carolyn: To continue to bring exciting and useful tech to my readers. I have been very fortunate to interview leaders of tech businesses about their new tech. I love discovering this tech and bringing news of it to Wonder of Tech readers.

Which do you like the most?

• PC or Mac?

Carolyn: I use and like both but right now my primary computer is a MacBook Pro.

• iPhone or Android phone?

Carolyn: Again, I like and use both, but my current phone is an iPhone 4S.

• Twitter or Facebook?

Carolyn: I enjoy Facebook more because of the personal interaction but Twitter brings me much more traffic to my blog.

• Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Carolyn: Chrome.

• TweetDeck or HootSuite?

Carolyn: HootSuite

Connect with Carolyn

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Thank you Carolyn

Big thanks to Carolyn for answering all my questions and for telling about her blog. I have learned a lot more about Carolyn doing this interview and writing this post. It is always fun to know what motivates other bloggers to blog I think. Did you know Carolyn before reading this post? Please drop me a comment below. I am sure that Carolyn will join the comments if you have something you want to ask her.

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