My Top 5 most popular posts in October

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October post

Another month has gone and it is time for me to share my most popular posts for October. The posts below are the posts that has been my most popular once in October month. Hopefully those posts will still get a lot of visitors in November, but I will also try to analyze them closer to see if I can figure out what have made them the most popular once. Hopeful I can use this knowledge in my future posts here on Techwork to write even better posts about the stuff that you my readers are looking for. If you have not yet read the posts please go ahead and dig in.

My Top 5 posts in October

  1. Review of Samsung BD-D8500 HDD Recorder
  2. Usb 3.0 Superspeed Vs ESATA
  3. Upcoming Phones With Windows 7.5 Mango
  4. My Google Analytics Stats for Q3 2011
  5. 10 Great Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Once thing I for sure can see is that reviews and tips about specific devices and gadgets are very popular. So are How-to articles and posts about troubleshooting a specific issue like when I wrote the post about the issues with the Arras WordPress themes that I use on this blog.

Now I would like to hear which post you liked the best and why? You are also very welcome to come with suggestions for new topics you would like me to blog about.

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