Today it is 5 year since I launched Techwork

I can’t really believe it, but today, 28th of November, it is 5 years since I started this blog


5 years blog anniversary that is really something if you ask me. There has been lots of ups and downs over the year, but I am proud to announce that I am still blogging. Everything you find on this blog is something I wrote. There is no guest or sponsored post on this blog and that is the way I like it 🙂 I get lots of request from people or companies who wants to post on this blog, but I tell them all that I am the only one posting stuff here. I have done a couple of guest posts myself, this is the place where I love to share my knowledge and tips and tricks.

Keep up Motivation

I guess most bloggers from time to time find it difficult to come up with new ideas for blog posts or simply can’t find the motivation to keep on writing new stuff. I have of cause also tried that. Loosing motivation to keep on optimizing an improving stuff is something most bloggers has to deal with from time to time. I always end up finding the motivation again. I think it is because I write about technologies that never gets boring and always change and always is evolving.

Numbers after 5 years of blogging

  • Posted 208 posts
  • Visitors from 211 different countries

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My 5 most popular posts from the past year

  1. Review of Samsung BD-D8500 HDD Recorder
  2. How to fix “Ignoring extended attributes” using ImageX on Windows 8
  3. How to install the Telnet Client from a command line
  4. 10 great Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts
  5. Review of Jabra Sport Wireless+ headset


Are you also blogging?

I know that a lot of other bloggers are visiting this blog and I would love to hear from you. How long have you been blogging yourself? Please drop me a comment below.


About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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5 Responses to Today it is 5 year since I launched Techwork

  1. Happy Blogoversary Thomas, wow doesn’t time fly! It doesn’t seem that long ago since you started blogging. Raising a glass to the next 5 years, cheers *clink*

  2. Happy blogiversary, Thomas! 5 years is quite a milestone! I celebrate my 5 year blogiversary next month. We’re seen many of our colleagues drop out during those five years, but we’re still hanging in there!

    I do allow guest posts, but only about two a year. I allow them because I realize I can’t know all tech. Every so often someone comes alone who knows more about a certain aspect of tech than I do and I feel they can add to the knowledge base at The Wonder of Tech.

    211 countries is a lot, Thomas. I’m glad the world had discovered your site! Congratulations on your success!

    • Thomas says:

      Thank you very much Carolyn.
      Yes a lot of our colleagues that started years ago are not around blogging anymore. I guess they maybe was blogging for the wrong reasons. A lot of people think that they can get rich starting a blog and writing a couple of post now and then. We both know that is not how it is working. Being an active blogger year after year requires a lot of hard work, passion and dedication.
      Keep on blogging Carolyn, 5 years are right ahead of you 🙂

  3. Dev says:

    Hi Thomas,

    5 years is a long period. Kudos to you for maintain the quality since 5 year. I have just started my blogging journey and hopefully I will be able to survive for more than 5 years 😀

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