Control Light with Philips hue

If you want to control the light in your home from your smartphone, Philips hue might be just what you are looking for.I recently invested in a Philips hue starter kit to see if this Philips hue gadgets would be something for me and let me just say that I love it so far.

What is Philips hue?

Philips hue is a smart lightning for your home that you can control with your smartphone. You can get all kind of lightning equipment for both indoor and outdoor use and control it all from everywhere. Everything is controlled from your smartphone where you can create rooms with multiple lamps and schedule when you want lights to turn on and off. It is also possible to add tab and dim switched if you want a more regular way to turn your light on and off.

Getting started with Philips hue

To get started with Philips hue you can buy one of the many starter kits that is available. A starter kit normally comes with one or more light bulbs and a Philips hue Bridge that is the device where everything is controlled. A bridge can control up to 50 hue Lights and will normally connected to your router or switch with an ethernet cable. Once the bridge is configured to your network, you can control it from your smartphone by downloading the hue app. After the bridge is in place you can start adding bulbs, lamps, light strips, dimmer switches, motion sensors and a lot of other equipment to your system.

Be aware that you can get bulbs that are giving normal white light but also bulbs that can light in 16 million different colors.

Philips Hue Bridge

Other products for Philips hue

Philips hue is a lot more than just color full bulbs. You can add all kind of fancy equipment to make your system even more advanced. You can get Dimmer switches, motion sensors, Outdoor laps and lots of other small gadgets to make your home more intelligent.  If that is not enough for you, you can also add a Google Home speaker that allows you to control your lights with voice commands.

Not yet convinced you want Philips Hue?

Well if you are not completely convinced that you need Philips hue for your own home yet have a look at these videos below:

For more inspiration and information check out the official Philips hue website

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this post or regarding Philips hue in general, please drop a comment below.

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