10 Very useful Keyboard shortcuts for Word 2010

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Word 2010Word 2010 has a lot of great features. For some of you guys out there that have been using earlier versions of Word, you might not love the new Ribbon Interface first time introduced in Word 2007. If that is the case you might find the following shortcuts for Word 2010 very useful. Even if you love the new Ribbon Interface you might found these shortcuts useful.
I love when I can simplify tasks I use a lot with a few easy shortcut combinations. The problem is that if I don’t use the combination often enough I can’t remember them when I need them. However here is some of my favorite shortcut combination for Microsoft Word 2010.


  1. F12 – Save Document As
  2. Alt + F then R – Open Recent documents menu
  3. Ctrl + Alt + C – Insert copyright symbol
  4. Ctrl + Enter – Insert page break
  5. Ctrl + Alt + F – Insert a footnote
  6. F7 – Run Spell Checker
  7. Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + End – Move to first page / last page
  8. Alt + Shift + T – Insert time (insert TIME field)
  9. Alt + Shift + P – Insert page number (insert PAGE field)
  10. Alt + Shift + D – Insert current date (insert DATE field)

Word 2010 LogoThis is only a top 10 of my favorites. You can find more great Word 2010 shortcuts here. I have not tested the shortcuts combination in Word 2013, but I expect that most of the still works in the new Word version.

I hope you found these tips useful and would love to hear what your favorite Word shortcut combination is. Please drop me a comment below and feel free to share this post using the share buttons below.



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