Do you want to work at Google?

Have you ever been wondering how it would be to work at Google?

Have you ever been wondering how it would be to work in a company like Google? Well here is a change for you to get a tour at their Chicago Headquarter. In Google they seem to do a lot to make their employees happy and creative. For me it looks more like a playground than a workplace, but who doesn’t want to be working in a playground. Watch football on the job while your computer get fixed and free launch for everybody. That is just some of the thing you can see in this video.

Get an inside look at Google’s Chicago Headquarter:

About Google

Google has over 70 offices in more than 40 countries. Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both students at Stanford University in Stanford, California. Their headquarters is located at Mountain View, California, United States.


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Do you use Bing Webmaster tool?

Bing Webmaster
Are you using Bing Webmaster tool?

You properly already know Google Webmaster tools if you have been working with SEO on your website, but did your knew that Bing has a similar service called Bing Webmaster tool? It works pretty much the same way as Google webmaster tools, but of cause based on Bing’s search engine.

I am no expert in Bing Webmaster Tool, not yet :-)
Anyway I want to give you my little review of the tool anyway. One of the first things I noticed was that it is 3 day behind with the statistic. That is a shame I think when you are used to use Google Webmaster tool. On the other hand you can add single URL to the Bing Search Engine. That is a nice feature if you have a page that Bing doesn’t index automatically. You are allowed to add up to 50 URLs every month, but maximum 10 each day. That seems like a fair limit I think.
Like in Google you can add a sitemap as a XML file. It works pretty much like with Google. In general I think that it is a good tool, but still not as good as Google Webmaster Tools. It might be in the future if Microsoft add more features to their service.

Bing Webmaster Tool

Add sitemap to Bing

Check out: Bing Webmaster Tool Bing Webmaster Tool is a free service just like Google Webmaster Tool

Do you use the Bing Webmaster Tool to get more traffic to your website/Blog or do you only care about Google? Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Stream movies to your PS3 with TVersity

Review of TVersity Media Server

If you have a PlayStation 3 and want to stream video from you PC, TVersity Media Server can help you. You can download a version for free or you can by the Pro Edition. In this little review I will keep focus on the free version. Not only can TVersity stream your movies from your PC, it is also able to stream Video Podcast from the Internet to your PS3. If you want to access your pictures located on your computer from your PS3 and see them on your big-screen TV that is possible as well.

You properly have a big collection of MP3 music on your PC. You might also have your PS3 hooked up with your surround receiver as well. Why not use the PS3 for playing your MP3 collection. With TVersity you don’t even have to copy the files to your PS3 hard drive, you can just stream it from your PC.

A PlayStation 3 can be used for a lot more than just playing games.

You can download the free version here:  Download (17 MB)
It can be installed on: Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 7.

TVersity is using the DLNA protocol just like Windows Media center does. DLNA is built in to many electronic devices today, like LCD/LED TV, NAS and of course your PS3.

What is QR codes and how does they work?

Quick response

How does QR codes work?

QR codes is a two dimensional barcode system invented in Japan by Denso-Wave back in 1994. The barcode can represent a text, a phone number or an URL. The QR is short for: Quick Response. The concept of the QR code is that it can be scanned with a smartphone using the camera and a little application to translate the code to e.g. a website or a phone number. The concept was initially used for parts tracking in vehicle manufacturing, but is now used for many businesses.
QR codes might be the new big think in marketing and advertising. In Asia you can already see QR codes on billboards and commercials.

QR codes

A couple of examples of QR codes:

Try and scan them and find out what is behind the codes.
You can create a QR code for your own site at:

Happy birthday Wikipedia


10 Years with Wikipedia

Today it is 10 years ago that Wikipedia started. I must say they have been a huge success. After Google I think it is my most used source for knowledge. Wikipedia has more than 3.5 million articles (in English) and the website is available in 262 languages. Imagine what we did before wiki? Looked it up in a book? 😉

If you wonder how big an success full Wikipedia is I can inform you that they have an Alexa rank of 6 (May 2013).

Congratulation Wiki, and keep up the good work.