Soundhound App Tells You What Song is Playing on the Radio

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What is SoundHound?

SoundHound music recognition appI guess we all have been there. We are listening to a great song in the radio that brings back some great memories, but what is the song called and who is the artist? With the app I am going to introduce to you, you can find out fast and easy. The app is named SoundHound and is available in a free and a paid version. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It is also available for iPad if you have one of those. If you love music and you love your Smartphone this is a must have app for you.

How does SoundHound works?

It is very easy to use SoundHound. All you have to do is to start the app and click in the What’s that Song? button. Let your phone listen to the song and when it have recognize the song it will give a little beep and show up all the info it has on the song. Sometimes you can even hear a little sample of the song to make sure that you got the right one. It does not get simpler than that. With this great app on your phone you can get the song information where ever you are: In the car, on a bus, a train or at a party. You can find SoundHound on their Official Website that has direct links to Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Marketplace where you can download the app for your device.
SoundHound on Windows Phone

SoundHound App is available for:

  • Android
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Windows Phone

Finally I would like to hear what you think about this app? Did you already know about it or was this new information to you? I first learned about this app over at my good friend SlappyBear. Please drop me a comment below and feel free to share this post with your finds :-)


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