What is a Google Chromecast?

If you have ever wondered, what a Google Chromecast is and how it works, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will tell you all you need to know about this little brilliant device and what it can do for you.ChromeCast

What is a Google Chromecast?

A Chromecast is a smart little device you plug in to an HDMI port on the back of your TV. If you have an available USB port on the TV you don’t even need to connect the power supply, it can get power from the USB port right next to the HDMI port where you plugged in the Chromecast device.

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 The issue with most modern Smart TV

If you have a modern LCD or LED TV, bought within about the last 3 years, you properly know you can connect it to the Internet (Wi-Fi or cable) and use the apps installed on the TV, to stream movies from your NAS, YouTube or Netflix. It all sound very smart and easy and I wish that was the true. When it comes to Smart-TV’s and apps installed on the TV firmware, this is all but smart at all. The true about most Smart-TV’s today is that the apps are very slow, often get unresponsive and almost never get updated. I know it has been a lot better for the last year or two, but there is still a lot to wish for. You don’t buy a new expensive TV just to be able to watch YouTube on it, right?

So what to do, if we want to stream movies, watch Netflix or YouTube on our big ass, expensive TV in the living room, without wasting 10 minutes of our life to find a video on YouTube with the TV remote? This is where you want a Google Chromecast. With a Chromecast, you can find YouTube videos or other contents on your mobile or tablet and cast it to your TV, when ready. All you need is to be on the same Wi-Fi as your Chromecast device. Another smart thing about this device is that when your hit the cast button, the device will start streaming the contents of its own, meaning you can use your mobile or table for other things without interrupting the casting you started on your TV 🙂

Introduction to Google Chromecast

When I was writing this post I was wondering how I should demonstrate the Google Chromecast to those who has never seen it in action before, but then I found the video below, by Marques Brownlee, that explains everything so brilliant. Just watch and learn 🙂

What do you think about Google Chromecast?

Finally, I would love to hear what you think about Google Chromecast? Do you already have one for yourself or do you plan to buy one in the future? Please drop me a comment below.

About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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15 Responses to What is a Google Chromecast?

  1. I was actually looking at these while I was out today and wondered whether or not to invest in one. Several friends of mine have them already, mainly as Christmas presents.

    Love the idea of searching on my phone and sending it to my TV though, may just have to borrow one of a friend and give it a spin 😉

  2. Asmi Khalil says:

    Nice review bro,
    I heard it’s name lots of times but never had the curiosity to google it. Now after reading your post i have found it is a completely different than what i was expecting.

  3. Marjun says:

    A Google developer has already demoed the ability to cast a local video file to Chromecast from a mobile device. Looks like the capability is built-in but hasn’t been deployed yet. Maybe Google will push it out at the same time they finalize their SDK. They can easily do it via a firmware update. Check out the video.

  4. Sonam Gupta says:


    That was nicely written. I really enjoyed your post. It is very useful and helpful article at Google Chromecast and I would share this post with my follower at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dave says:

    I got a Chromecast last year, and it is pretty cool. My problem is the limited number of HDMI inputs on my TV. Because of that I end up just using my Blu-ray player or PS3 instead of the Chromecast. I will say the Chromecast makes Youtube on the TV much easier, though.

  6. Peter Paul says:

    The Google chrome cast is really a nice piece of of gadget. I got one and I have been using it for a couple of months now. But I think it can still be improved further. It won’t be long now until this tiny device will be replaced by newer one. Nice article by the way Thomas.

  7. Harish bali says:

    hey Thomes
    This is a preety cool post about Google Chromecast device..
    Google is surprising us day by day… As i watch this video i find this device very helpfull..
    Now i am also planning to buy this google Chromecast Device soon…
    thank you for updating us.. I appreciate it..
    Harish Bali

  8. Nitin says:

    Google chromecast is a really awesome gadget. It can turn your normal TV into Smart TV.

    • Alize Camp says:

      It seems the market with USB stick that implement with an OS would be good for the future when we just need for entertainment. Amazon.com also release it own USB stick, connect via HDMI port like Google Chromecast here.

  9. Ileane says:

    HI Thomas,

    I use my Chromecast each and every single day. I have it on both of my Samsung SmartTV’s and I even brought one for my daughter. lol
    I’m not a movie watcher so I don’t use it for that. I cast YouTube videos or any courses I’m taking on Udemy or Lynda .com so I’m in learning mode all day. I also cast my favorite podcasts to my TV.

    This is the best tech investment you can make for the price.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Ileane
      I am really glad for mine too. I use mine a lot too and consider to buy and extra for my other TV. I use it a lot for YouTube as well. It is so great to watch YouTube videos on a big screen. Great idea to use it to watch educational videos too Ileane.
      I still can’t believe that Google are selling such a great device so cheap 🙂

  10. Google chrome cast is a really awesome gadget. It can turn your normal TV into Smart TV.

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