What is Windows Multipoint server 2011?

Multipoint serverWell this product is pretty new to me, but Microsoft has just released Windows Multipoint server 2011 (RTM) The concept of this product is to let multiple users share the same computer hardware, but with a screen, mice and keyboard of their own. This could be useful in schools, libraries, labs and a lot of other situations. With the power of modern computers, multiple users can share the same hardware, but still have their own desktop to work on. This opens up for some great new possibilities for classroom training.
I must admit that I have not tried it myself, but if you want to try it out you can download an evaluation copy here:
Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Evaluation (3287 MB)

Is this not the same as a terminal server?

No not really. With a terminal server each user need to have their own computer or thin client to connect to the terminal server. With Multipoint the users can connect a keyboard, mice and monitor directly to the computer. This can reduce the cost of hardware for a classroom significant. The product comes with an administration interface for teachers and administrators where it all can be configured and monitored. A really nice feature I really like is the Split screen option. This option make it possible to spilt a big screen monitor in 2 session so 2 users can share the same screen.
Take a look at the videos below:

IT professional Experience

Teacher Experience

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2 Responses to What is Windows Multipoint server 2011?

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Thomas,

    Wow… I always knew that technology was going to continue to evolve. I wish I had studied this more when I was in school. I just wasn’t a computer whiz but I still find this absolutely fascinating. I’m so impressed with what you share on your blog.

    Awesome content Thomas and thanks for keeping us all up to date with the latest and greatest information.


  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Adrienne
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I wish that we had that kind of technology back in time when I went to school. I still remember how we were sitting 2-3 students around one computer because there was not a computer for anyone. Today kindergarten kids are able to use computers and there are learning so fast. Those kids are going to take over the world when they grow up 🙂

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