6 Great free Apps for Android Smartphones

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Recently I wrote a post about my new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Now it is time for a post about some of the favorite apps I have installed on it. Like most other people I have of cause installed apps like Facebook, Twitter and E-mail on my new phone, but besides those apps here are 6 other great apps I have installed and use very often.

1. Go Power Master

GO Power Master

I do love my new smartphone, but one of the first think I needed to find was an app to reduce the power usages of my new phone. Go power is really a great app helping with that. You can configure it in many ways, to reduce power usages. E.g. will it disable Wi-Fi when the screen locks gets activated. That is a really big power saver on a modern smartphone, but Go Power master lets you make your own profile that you can customize the way you want. Go Power Master is also available in a Pro edition


2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo_ Sports_Tracker

I like to stay in good physical condition via both cycling and running. However I still am a geek and love to keep track of my activity. Endomondo is a great app for just that. You can see all kind of info about your activity and you upload it to Facebook if you want your friends to feel bad about themselves not being as active as you 😉


3. Evernote


Evernote is a great app to keep your notes organized and accessible anywhere. I enter all kind of information that I found useful to have with me on the road. When I am at home I keep them updated in my browser and when I need the information somewhere I can access them at all time from my phone. I use Evernote for to-do lists and even some times if I get an idea for a blog post I write a note on Evernote so I don’t forget it when I get back home.

4. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Great app for analyzing and testing Wi-Fi signals. A lot easier than carrying around a laptop to find the best spot. It is a also good to find the best available channel in the neighborhood for your Wi-Fi router.

5. Handy scanner

Handy Scanner

This app lets you use your Smartphone camera as a scanner. You can use it to scan documents and upload them to Dropbox or send them as e-mail. This way you can always have your documents with you on the go. Handy Scanner is also available in a Pro edition.

6. IMDb


Have you ever been sitting in your couch watching a movie wondering in what other movie you have seen this actors/actresses? You could of cause start up your computer, but why not just reach out for your smartphone and use this great app to search the Internet Movie Database while you can still keep an eye on the movie you are watching :-)

You can find all the above apps on Google Play and they are all free apps for you to download.
Please drop me a comment below and tell me what your favorite Android apps are.

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About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years with people who visit this blog...

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150 Responses to 6 Great free Apps for Android Smartphones

  1. avatar Tom Jamieson says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Go Power app. My android phone sucks power like nobody’s business. I use an app called CamScanner that sounds a lot like your Handy Scanner app. It uploads to a lot of different places like dropbox, google drive, box, etc. and does some other cool things too. I think they might have a pro/premium version as well. I try not to DL a lot of apps — especially ones like wikipedia or IMDB that have really good mobile sites. Have a great day!

  2. avatar John Garrett

    That Power Master is the killer app!

    Right now I only use my Droid Incredible for testing websites, but man does that power go quick.

    I’m going to grab that and hopefully shut down some of the non-essential stuff…
    John Garrett recently posted..10 Extensions That Make Google Chrome Almost BearableMy Profile

  3. avatar Karen Woodham

    Great collection of apps there Thomas, I’ve just got rid of my iPhone and moved to an Android, got so used to my Nexus 7, it was the next step really.

    One of the apps I always must have on any device is IMDB, you know why 😉

  4. avatar Mikemilton says:

    nice research.. if i am not wrong than now a day 90% android user used go power master app for save their battery.. because battery law is very big problem for every android user..

  5. avatar Ramesh

    in this category evernote is the best android apps.. and best for the writers like me….
    Ramesh recently posted..Free Download Adsense App For AndroidMy Profile

  6. avatar Pramod

    I have some of these apps(evernote and the handy scanner) installed on my phone …i love them a lot as they are useful for me than any other app.


  7. avatar Kumar Ashutosh says:

    Thanks for this list of awesome apps. Already using the first, fifth and sixth. Time to try the other three…

  8. avatar Kathleen Hurley says:

    Great list! I would also add a few more: Facebook Pages, WordPress and Hootsuite for managing my social on the go. For general nerdity, I like Lookout and 2x Client (to manage my network remotely).

  9. avatar Ajay says:

    I think Wi-Fi analyzer is the best app to find the best Wi-Fi signal with the best range.

  10. avatar chris says:

    My android phone sucks power like nobody’s business. I use an app called CamScanner that sounds a lot like your Handy Scanner app. It uploads to a lot of different places like dropbox, google drive, box, etc. and does some other cool things too

  11. avatar Amelia Joe says:

    Thank you for your time and effort to summarize everything for the audience

  12. avatar Raj Kumar says:

    I use Evernote everyday. It helps me in blogging very much :)

  13. avatar Gouri Shanker says:

    Handy Scanner is really a very useful app ! Atleast when I need to scan a page but dont have the scanner it does a good job :)

  14. avatar Suresh says:

    Wow Evernote and Handy scanner apps are really cool. I’m using easy battery saver on my android phone. I’ll try Go Power Master too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I like music and I would add Shazam to the list. Greatest app!

  16. avatar Rooting says:

    Evernote is my top-most favorite app when we are talking about useful android apps.

    This one revolutionary app is helping me in such a big way that now all my tasks are properly managed in my smartphone as well as I can access them on my PC also.

    Good job to compile this list. :)

  17. avatar Ajay says:

    Go Power Master is the best battery saver for android phones. It limits the application from being running in the background and save the battery life.

  18. avatar Frank Cern

    I really like the functionality of Handy Scanner. Also, the Evernote app just can’t be beat.
    Frank Cern recently posted..LG G2 Overview: Big Screen and Buttons on the BackMy Profile

  19. avatar Todd - iPhone Application Developer says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I like your collection of installed applications on your smartphone. Some of these apps are very useful in our daily routine especially evernote, wi fi analyzer, go power master. I also like imdb as I a complete movie buff. I have installed this application in my samsung galaxy s3 and using this daily to get complete information about various movies. Thanks for sharing these applications.

  20. avatar Rajib says:

    Currently i am using “Go Power Master” and “Wi-Fi Analyzer”. This 2 are really good :)

  21. avatar Narendra Kumar

    Out of the list I love Handy scanner app a lot. It will help me a lot in making my offline documents online via Scanning & uploading. This is a must have app for which I was looking since 10 days.
    Narendra Kumar recently posted..Get Winamp Music Player for Android DevicesMy Profile

  22. avatar Ramesh Kumar

    i think evernote is the besp app from the above apps… because it helps all the bloggers writers like me…
    Ramesh Kumar recently posted..How To install Windows Store Apps On SD CardMy Profile

  23. avatar prakash says:

    Endomondo Sports Tracker is the one of the good app i use in my android mini laptop

  24. avatar Eptikar says:

    Handy scanner and Wi-Fi analyzer are most amazing apps for smart phones.Nice blog.Thanks for sharing.

  25. avatar Jon Sansom

    Hi Thomas,

    I recently purchased Galaxy Note 2, i know its an amazing phone but as everybody knows android phones have below average battery life compared to other operating systems. And the Go Power master and similar kind of apps like Battery doctor etc. And i have been experiencing great response but i am confused that by using them will these apps affect the battery life in real ?
    Jon Sansom recently posted..Discover the World of Jawbone Bluetooth NoiseassassinMy Profile

  26. avatar Shaun Hoobler says:

    Nicely done. Will download the Go Power Master now on my Android phone. With how I often I use it, it badly needs to prolong its battery life.

  27. avatar varun says:

    good …i never know about the handy scanner…today i must download it

  28. avatar Barnabi says:

    I love the WiFi and Handy Scanner App, they are just amazing.

  29. avatar Elina says:

    That Power Master is the killer app!
    Right now I only use my Droid Incredible for testing websites, but man does that power go quick

  30. avatar Gautam

    I have windows phone so i can’t use all apps there but i have used handy scanner and that’s too good.
    Gautam recently posted..7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Your SmartphoneMy Profile

  31. avatar Ronaldo Ferrer says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I’ve been using Wifi analyzer since last year and I’m really satisfied with it. Anyway, I love the list of the other free apps you’ve mentioned. Right now, I’m planning to download Evernote and Go Power Master. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  32. avatar Alain says:

    I really like the free app Llama to set up some profiles to switch WiFi or Bluetooth on/off, reduce volume or screen brightness, etc…
    It is very clever, it uses the telecommunication masts to find out where it is. You just need to “teach” it what masts belong to what areas, and off you go!

  33. avatar Lalith says:

    Hii Thomas
    These 6 are really wonderful apps
    I use 2 apps regularly form the above list
    1. Go power Master
    2. Wifi Analyzer
    I got to know about other apps from your post

    Thanks for sharing

  34. avatar Annunci Auto says:

    Go power is the best android app!!! :)

  35. avatar August says:

    Really like Evernote. Haven’t heard about #1. Nice post.

  36. avatar Nabeela Zafar says:

    So many apps don’t seem to work on my aging htc hero. I might get interested when I upgrade. :)

  37. avatar manish kumar says:

    Great collection of apps there Thomas, I’ve just got rid of my iPhone and moved to an Android, got so used to my Nexus 7, it was the next step really.

  38. avatar Salman

    Hey Thomas, This is really a nice collection of free apps for Android. Go power master app looks promising, gonna try that!
    Salman recently posted..5 Best Apps for Rooted Android PhonesMy Profile

  39. avatar Safeer Ahmed says:

    I have used WI-FI analyzer and its awesome application. I haven’t try other applications. I will try today.

  40. avatar Jasweena says:

    I am using Evernote App.Simple and great.
    The whole beauty of simplifying your life lies in small and simple things (fast forward to todays world – small and simple Apps). 😛

  41. avatar Helena says:

    Already use wifi- analyzer and the IMDb but thanks will have a look on the others to see if there is a new favorite :)

    Best regards,

  42. avatar Zohaib says:

    I love to use IMBD on web. Because I love to watch movies. But I had no idea about this to get this app on our smartphones as well. Thanks

  43. avatar Banerjee says:

    Excellent list of apps. I think only Whatsapp is missing. Although it’s a messenger app I think it deserves a place here. What’s your opinion Thomas in this regard?

  44. avatar Banerjee says:

    Ya, you at least try it for once. I am sure you will find some of your friends already there. :)

  45. avatar Shaifur Rahaman says:

    I like Go Power Master, Evernote, Handy scanner android apps. I am using them on my Android Phone. Good job bro and thanks to you. I hope I will get more apps waiting for those. 😀

  46. avatar Laura-Lee Walker says:

    I wanted to add a few to the mix: Shazam for music lovers, and MyFitnessPal for people that want to lose weight.

  47. avatar Techcloud7 says:

    thanks for sharing list,I love evernote & IMdb app.

  48. avatar harshit jain

    thank you for great article. now all 6 apps are in my android phone.
    harshit jain recently posted..How to Reset Windows 8 Password? Solved!My Profile

  49. avatar Nikhil says:

    I purchased new android phone, want to reduce battery usages. Now I will try Go Power Master. Thanks for suggesting other apps also. :)

  50. avatar Smith says:

    Nice collection. I use go power master it,s a very good apps to save battery.

  51. avatar Saif ullah says:

    A lots of Great apps collection but i love to use Battery Doctor for instead of Go Power.

  52. avatar Ankit Sharma says:

    Great collection of free apps. But i am using mx player on my motorola moto g, and i will recommend you to add it to your list. Thanks for the informative article.

  53. avatar forestborj says:

    I absolutely love Evernote! Especially the clip feature for so I can save important documents and access them even without internet service. I was quite unsure which battery saver app to get, so thanks for the advice!

  54. avatar Sebin Thomas says:

    Good collection bro, but it would be more good if you include useful apps like Titanium Backup pr, Taptalk etc.

  55. avatar Faisal imran says:

    any android app to make auto focus for images.

  56. avatar Faisal imran says:

    yes thanks its perfect. :)
    but its paid :/

  57. avatar android apk says:

    Nice apps i like Go Power Master apps it,s a good apps for android

  58. Hey thomas,
    Your list is awesome and i will use all these for my smartphone.In smartphone running good apps create your phone more useful. Thnaks for sharing this all apps.

  59. avatar durgajobs says:

    All apps are awesome, i like IMdb its great app.

  60. avatar shailesh puri says:

    Nice and very useful post…sometimes we frustrated by poor battery back up, slow responses, freezing down, etc….I think for better battery performance green power premium app is best……

  61. avatar Rahul says:

    Nice list of good Android apps. Go power and IMDB are my favroite apps.
    Thanks for sharing.

  62. avatar Ajay Udayagiri says:

    Great apps!
    I use Evernote mostly from the above list of apps. I love it :)

  63. avatar kaif Hasan says:

    Go Power Master a great apps for save battery, I personally like this apps great performance

  64. avatar Brijesh Gohil says:

    Thanks for the list but I would like to add few more apps in this like uTorrent, ladooo etc.

  65. avatar Harga Oppo Smartphone says:

    Thanks for this list of awesome apps. Already using the first, fifth and sixth. Time to try the other three…

  66. avatar gaurav says:

    Nice list of some basic apps but IMDb ??

  67. avatar Harshit Jain

    Go Power Master is one of fantastic app, This app help me to save my battery.

    Other apps i didn’t try but i will try them now.

    Thank you for sharing..
    Harshit Jain recently posted..5 Best Smartphone under 10000 INR in 2014My Profile

  68. avatar Atul says:

    I had installed the Power master app once, but it didnt work effectively for my Galaxy fame. I like the evernote app very much, help me a lot in keeping track of my blog online. Thanks for the other useful apps.

  69. avatar Sarah Mehta says:

    IMDB is a great app and very useful for me. Whenever I plan to watch movies. I go through this app.

  70. avatar varun saini says:

    There are really nice free apps which are shared by you. Some of the applications which i would like to add to your list are :-
    What’s app
    MX Player

  71. avatar Prashanth says:

    Nice list of Android applications. Bunch of applications that are useful. Good post :)

  72. avatar Anchit Shethia says:

    My personal favorite app is Truecaller so that if an unknown number tries to call me, it gives me its identity immediately. Pretty handy app. Thank you for listing the apps and sharing.

  73. avatar ashimima says:

    Yea… 6 apps for powerfull your android smartphones. Maybe you add another apps to 10 apps… what’s apps,facebook, etc (social network) :-)

  74. avatar vishvast says:

    these are the must have apps on your Android smartphone Good collection bro, but it would be more good if you file manager and music apps
    vishvast recently posted..Top paid android apps 2014,best paid apps for androidMy Profile

  75. avatar Amit says:

    Great job bro (Thomas). I used Go power master in my old phone but I found nothing but when I start using it on my new phone, It really worked and has been in my phone since then. I think it works better on Android Ice cream sandwich or upper version as my old one was Gingerbread.

  76. avatar Shaifur says:

    Except one app from the list, I have Installed others Android apps on my jellybean os device. Thanks for listing these apps in such way. :)

  77. avatar ghousebasha says:

    Nice post Thomas,i was searching for an app that could save my battery.Surely i would give a try to go power app.Thank you for sharing.

  78. avatar oluwadamilare Bakare says:

    great post you have here, awesome free apps too…. android without this apps is totally boring.

    thanks for sharing

  79. avatar Rodika says:

    I use Go Power Master on my Zenfone 6, this great application 😉

  80. avatar VInayak Sharma says:

    Handy scanner is new one I never try this app but this app is looking very interesting and helpful.
    I’m a student that is why I need this Handy scanner to scan my notes and others documents.
    Thanks for listing this App.

  81. avatar Jesse says:

    Yes scanner is one that interests me as well Sharma. I think it would prove useful for my studies. An overall useful list. Thanks for the info, I’m about to try a few.

  82. avatar Info harga hp says:

    I think the Power Master is very important to use in android, because the battery will run out quickly if not used this application

  83. avatar free apps for android says:

    Wow! thanks for sharing this great apps for android smart phone! this is great and i enjoyed sharing with my friends.

  84. avatar Vinicio says:

    great list my favorite are Wifi Analizer and Evernote as these are very useful apps when needed. Thank you for this great list.

  85. avatar Rohit Sharma

    This is a great list of free android apps and you have also introduced some new names as well. Right now I am installing Endomondo on my phone and lets see how it works.
    Thanks for sharing this info.
    Rohit Sharma recently posted..Top 7 Best Password Manager For AndroidMy Profile

  86. avatar Harsh says:

    Still best android apps in 2014. I am still using 3 of them. Will try other 2 as well. Thanks a lot for the list.

  87. avatar Jesse

    A rather good list. However, these apps are on the play store. There are great apps off the play store that are just as productive and useful. The only one I use for this list is the battery saver. It works fime for me so far.

  88. avatar Kailash Chandra says:

    Hey Thomas, nice and helpful list indeed. Is there any other way to find out better sports or movement tracking apps on Google play store officially? Also I’ve a concern whether these apps work without any other health gadget or not. Thanks again. :)

  89. avatar Shubham Mishra says:

    Loved the go pro master and imdb app thanks for providing the info.

  90. avatar vijay says:

    hellow bro, these are awesome apps, and i would like to add one from my side. its is “mosquito repellent” app. it reases ultrasonic waves to kill mosquitos. And try using it it really does work 😉

  91. avatar Aishwar says:

    Nice collection of apps…there are sure to be on any android phone…btw windows is also catching up Android and now they have over apps 560,000…

  92. avatar JO says:

    i am using IMDB and i just love it . There are some new scanner app you can try it. I am using CS Scanner .Need to try with wi-fi analyzer

  93. avatar Free Recharge apps says:

    Thanks for this list of awesome apps. Already using the first, fifth and sixth. Time to try the other three…

  94. avatar Amir

    I think Go Power Master is the excellent app for any others android apps. Thanks for share your valuable post.
    Amir recently posted..10 iPhone5 a few Hidden Tricks that you Didn’t KnowMy Profile

  95. avatar developer says:

    thanks for this nice list and Go Power Master is amazing i already use it.

  96. avatar Akshay says:

    That’s cool.
    I didn’t heard of Go Power Master. Definitely give it a try.

    Endomondo sports tracker. Yeah it’s helpful. Especially if you started to work out to be yourself fit. Sharing option is killer.

    Wifi analyzer. I’ve used it. In my location there are 5-7 active wifi networks. It helped me choose the best channel. I boosted my home’s wifi signal. That’s great. It also reduced my tablet battery usage.


  97. avatar shubha says:

    nice share buddy. I am using go power master , its a great app and saving a lot of battery since 4 months. I am also using IMDB. Thnakss..:)

  98. avatar Naveen says:

    Nice list, I personally like evernote which works like a charm

  99. avatar Harish bali says:

    Hey Thomes
    This is a nice post on various for smartphone.
    I am also using few apps from the above list and the best one is Handy scanner which is preety cool app and this Go Power Master is also awsum app… but i havn’t tried this Wi-Fi Analyzer and IMDb apps will surely try these apps too.
    Thank for sharing this info..
    Harish Bali
    Harish bali recently posted..What is SnapChat & How to use it on your Smart Phone?My Profile

  100. avatar Abhi

    i will highly recommend Go Power App because it actually saves battery.Evernote is another good app but i am using Google Notes. It also works as same as Evernote.
    Abhi recently posted..Iron Man 3 Android Game ApkDataMy Profile

  101. avatar diamond sharma says:

    Hey Thomes
    This is a nice post on various for smartphone.
    I am also using few apps from the above list and the best one is Handy scanner which is preety cool app and this Go Power Master is also awsum app… but i havn’t tried this Wi-Fi Analyzer and IMDb apps will surely try these apps too.
    Thank for sharing this info..

  102. avatar ROhan says:

    great list my favorite are Wifi Analizer and Evernote as these are very useful apps when needed. Thank you for this great list.
    you are awesome

  103. avatar ManMohan Khangarot says:

    hello Thomas
    You have missed WhtasApp Messenger app in your list. Thanks for sharing this list and you should update it with WhatsApp Messenger app.

  104. avatar David Williams says:

    Thanks for the list, will try the Handy Scanner, the features looks great and I believe it will come in handy for me, already using Endomondo Sports Tracker and its been working fine for me.

  105. avatar khasrang says:

    I have actually tried 3 of the Apps above and would love to try out the WiFi Analyzer…!!!
    Hopes it works..
    Thanks mate for this informative Aticle
    khasrang recently posted..How To Open Blocked Websites At Schools/Collage/OfficeMy Profile

  106. avatar Sreekant says:

    I really like the Evernote and Handy scanner..They are really cool.Thanks for sharing.

  107. avatar ManMohan Khangarot says:

    Hello Thomas
    you have missed out WhatsApp on your list.

  108. avatar tarek says:

    Great collection of apps there Thomas,i have used some of these small aps they are really useful

  109. avatar Hunain Ahmed says:

    Go Power Master is by far the best app for managing your smartphone performance, battery life and memory.

    Great post Thomas (Y)

  110. From the above list i will highly recommend EverNote because it helps us to make a quick note and further more Will download the Go Power Master now on my Android phone.
    Abhishek Sharma recently posted..Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft Android Phone Game ApkMy Profile

  111. avatar Md Tanvir Ahmed says:

    Wow, nice share,
    I use Imdb, It’s really helpful.
    And thanks for share the other app.

  112. avatar Richard King says:

    I think Go power Master is a nice apps.My phone absorb charge so fast.I think this app will solve my problem.Definitely I will download this app.

  113. avatar Rahul says:

    Hey Thomas!
    I must say, You have shared amazing free apps for Android. I have to say that, You have too much similar taste like me. Will give Handy Scanner a try for sure.

  114. avatar AGradeGeek says:

    Handyscam all the way! It has been a life saver for me.. Never had to use a real life scanner.. It’s been years now. I used to enjoy using CamScanner but this works great..

  115. avatar Akshat says:

    You can also include ColorNote, a very handy and smart note taking app for android smartphones or devices.

  116. avatar new phones says:

    i think you should make a new update and add some new apps like udemy app to start learning, candy crush to start enjoying your free times, and Du Speed Booster to speed up android phone :)

  117. avatar Ragul says:

    Great list. off the track i use Wi-Fi Analyzer which does a good job and will try other apps in the future…

  118. avatar Rezaul Karim Arif says:

    I don’t support people using Battery saver for ANdroid. IT doesn’t do any good. It kills your battery.


  119. avatar Akash Navi says:

    Hey there hi,
    I liked the Wi-Fi analyzer app i will download
    that app for sure.
    Anyways thanks for these great apps.

    Akash Navi recently posted..How to check balance in all Indian Telecom operatorsMy Profile

  120. avatar Amaltas says:

    Hey Thomas I would also like to add more free apps that are really cool and much needed to be added –
    1. UC Web
    2. Nimbuzz Messenger
    3. Beetalk
    4. Whatsapp

    Well Thanks for this post. I would love to hear more from you.


  121. avatar souvik says:

    Hey, I am using Power Master which really very helpful to enhance the battery. Idmb also great app.

  122. avatar Asad Ali says:

    Most of the people in my friend circle are using Evernote and Go Power but Wifi Analyzer and Handy Scanner are yet to be tried.

  123. avatar Mubashir Mazhar says:

    Thanks Thomas for creating such a wonderful post. However in 2k15 there is another great free app called Pocket which let you save all your favorite bookmarks all in one place!

  124. avatar Ashvin says:

    Evernote is the best android apps.. and best for the writers like me….

  125. avatar drake webb says:

    Endomondo is still the best, same with the Go Power Master which is changed to GO Battery Saver now.
    Nice list.

  126. avatar Pramod says:

    Thanks for the list, most of the apps are well popular and known but didn’t knew about the Endomondo but will go to try it.

    Thanks for the post again…

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