6 Great free Apps for Android Smartphones

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Recently I wrote a post about my new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Now it is time for a post about some of the favorite apps I have installed on it. Like most other people I have of cause installed apps like Facebook, Twitter and E-mail on my new phone, but besides those apps here are 6 other great apps I have installed and use very often.

1. Go Power Master

GO Power Master

I do love my new smartphone, but one of the first think I needed to find was an app to reduce the power usages of my new phone. Go power is really a great app helping with that. You can configure it in many ways, to reduce power usages. E.g. will it disable Wi-Fi when the screen locks gets activated. That is a really big power saver on a modern smartphone, but Go Power master lets you make your own profile that you can customize the way you want. Go Power Master is also available in a Pro edition


2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo_ Sports_Tracker

I like to stay in good physical condition via both cycling and running. However I still am a geek and love to keep track of my activity. Endomondo is a great app for just that. You can see all kind of info about your activity and you upload it to Facebook if you want your friends to feel bad about themselves not being as active as you ;-)


3. Evernote


Evernote is a great app to keep your notes organized and accessible anywhere. I enter all kind of information that I found useful to have with me on the road. When I am at home I keep them updated in my browser and when I need the information somewhere I can access them at all time from my phone. I use Evernote for to-do lists and even some times if I get an idea for a blog post I write a note on Evernote so I don’t forget it when I get back home.

4. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Great app for analyzing and testing Wi-Fi signals. A lot easier than carrying around a laptop to find the best spot. It is a also good to find the best available channel in the neighborhood for your Wi-Fi router.

5. Handy scanner

Handy Scanner

This app lets you use your Smartphone camera as a scanner. You can use it to scan documents and upload them to Dropbox or send them as e-mail. This way you can always have your documents with you on the go. Handy Scanner is also available in a Pro edition.

6. IMDb


Have you ever been sitting in your couch watching a movie wondering in what other movie you have seen this actors/actresses? You could of cause start up your computer, but why not just reach out for your smartphone and use this great app to search the Internet Movie Database while you can still keep an eye on the movie you are watching :-)

You can find all the above apps on Google Play and they are all free apps for you to download.
Please drop me a comment below and tell me what your favorite Android apps are.


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