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My Google Analytics Stats for Q4 2011

Google Analytics

Another quarter has gone and it is time for my Google Analytics stats report for Q4 2011. If you missed my report for Q3 2011 you can see it here: Google Analytics stats report for Q3

My Google Analytics Stats for Q4

Traffic types:

For the fourth quarter of 2011 my traffic type looked like this:

  • Search engines: 66,68%
  • Referring Sites: 16,41%
  • Direct Traffic: 13,57%
  • Other: 3,34%

Search Engines:Google Search Engines result Q4

  • Google: 91,89%
  • Bing 4,74%
  • Yahoo 1,94%

The rest of the Search Engines are all under 1 percent of traffic.

Top 5 Referring Sites:

  1. stumbleupon.com
  2. techworkdk.tumblr.com
  3. geeks4share.com
  4. arrastheme.com
  5. websitebabble.com

When it comes to referring sites techworkdk.tumblr.com (My other blog at Tumblr.com), geeks4share.com and websitebabble.com are all new in my top 5 of Referring Sites. Twitter.com has dropped to nr. 6 and plus.google.com is only in spot 13. I started my Tumblr blog back in October and it has been able to drive a lot of traffic to my main blog. I did not join the websitebabble.com before December, so it is pretty impressive that it is already in my top 5. www.websitebabble.com is a forum owned by the great Lisa Irby that you might know from 2 Create a Website It is a great place to meet other bloggers and discuss blogging tips and tools. I can highly recommend this forum if you would like to meet other bloggers.

Top 10 visitors by Country:

Google Analytics Map Overlay Q4 (click to enlarge picture)
1. United States
2. Denmark
3. United Kingdom
4. India
5. Australia
6. Canada
7. Philippines
8. Netherlands
9. Finland
10. Germany

My top 10 Country is the exact same as in Q3, but the Philippines have jumped to number 7 and United States are still at the top position. My blog has had visits from 138 different countries and that is something I am pretty happy about.


After I have analyzed all the numbers of the fourth quarter I can conclude that my blog is still improving and moving in the right direction. The biggest improvement I have had is for sure with Organic Search result for Google. If I compare Q3 with Q4 I have almost doubled that traffic from Google. Another thing I have been able to achieve is to find new sites that have been able to drive traffic to my blog. All in all, I am very happy with my last quarter of 2011 and hope that I can keep on improving in 2012.

Now it is your turn. How was your traffic for the end of 2011? Did you made any new discovery in traffic generation? Please drop me a comment below.

If you are not already monitoring your blog, you can signup for Google Analytics here.


My Google Analytics Stats for Q3 2011

Google Analytics

Another quarter of 2011 has passed and it is time for me to share my Google Analytics traffic statistics with you. If you missed my Analytics Report for Q2 you can see it here.

 My Google Analytics Stats for Q3

For the Q3 of 2011 a lot of things have changed in my traffic trends. The main reason for the changes I guess comes with the fact that Google has promoted this blog to a PR3 🙂 That has given me a lot more traffic and specific a lot more traffic from the Google Search Engine. Let’s see on the numbers for Q3:

Traffic types:

For the third quarter of 2011 my traffic types looks like this:

  • Search engines: 47,19%
  • Referring Sites: 33,22%
  • Direct Traffic: 16,20%
  • Other: 3,40%

Search Engines:

Google is still in a league of its own when it comes to Search Engines, but Bing has jumped to the second spot in front of Yahoo:

  • Google: 94,62%
  • Bing 2,15%
  • Yahoo 2,05%

The rest of the Search Engines are all under 1 percent of traffic.

Top 5 Referring Sites:

  1. Stumbleupon.com
  2. Arrastheme.com
  3. Twitter.com
  4. Google.com
  5. Facebook.com

Compared to lasted time Twitter and Facebook has improved. Stumbleupon is still my number one when it comes to referring sites.

Top 10 visitors by Country:

1. United States
2. Denmark
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. India
6. Canada
7. Germany
8. Finland
9. Nederlands
10. Philippines

Visiting countries in Q3 via Google Analytics

United States are new at number one followed by a lot of English speaking countries. Denmark has dropped to second spot for this country. Another thing worth mentioning is that this blog has had visitors form 132 different counties in the last 3 months.


To sum up my traffic has been growing a lot this quarter 🙂 The fact that this blog is now a PR3 blog has a lot to do with it I guess. I have also been more active on Social media the last couple of months and I think that is a great way to get more traffic as well.

I would love to hear how your traffic has changed the last couple of months. Any new trends you have noticed? Please drop me a comment below.

If you are not already monitoring your blog, you can signup for Google Analytics here.


My Google analytics stats for Q1 2011

Hello my dear blog readers.
The first quarter of 2011 is gone and I thought it would be nice to share some Google Analytics statistics from my blog with you guys. The following stats are from January 1 to March 31. (First quarter of 2011)


Let me start to tell that I don’t have 1000 of visitors coming to my blog each day mainly because my blog has not been around for that long. After all I do see an increase in visitors month after month so that is just great. In this first quarter of 2011 I have read that the Bing Search engine has taken over Yahoo’s position as number 2 overall search engine on the Internet. Well in my case Yahoo is still a lot in front of Yahoo, but it may of cause change in Q2 of 2011. Here you can see some of my traffic stats for the first 3 months of 2011:

Traffic types:

Search Engines 44.44%
Referring Sites 29.10%
Direct Traffic 26.46%

Search Engines:

Search engines for Q1 2011 Google 63.45%
Yahoo 30.88%
Bing 4.78%
Others 0.89%

Top 5 Referring Sites:



The numbers of visitors to my blog is steady increasing (thank good) and I hope to continue that trend in the future. In the first quarter of 2011 my blog have had visitors from 90 different countries. Hi is my top 10 of countries that visit my blogs

1. Denmark
2. United States
3. India
4. United Kingdom
5. Canada
6. China
7. Sweden
8. Australia
9. Brazil
10. Netherlands

Sometimes I am amazed about what I can read about you, my visits in my Google Analytics statistics. I love the fact that I can  see that I have had visitors from exotic countries like:

U.S. Virgin Islands
Djibouti (Africa)
Puerto Rico
and Iran

According to Google Analytics my typical visitor here at techwork.dk is: Coming from Denmark is: running Windows 7 and using Internet Explorer. The screen resolutions are 1680 x 1050 in 32 bit colors.

Well this was pretty much all from me today, but before I leave I would like to ask you 2 questions about your stats. Hope you will share a little with me too 🙂

  1. What is your top 3 Search Engines that give you the most traffic?
  2. What is your top 3 Referring Sites that give you the most traffic?