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Google Drive Vs DropBox


Google DriveGoogle recently released their free cloud service called Google Drive to take up the fight with Dropbox, iCloud and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. As you might know I am a big fan of Dropbox for many reasons, but now that Google have entered the game I thought I would check out their new solution. I do also have a SkyDrive account, but I am not using it that much even though I have 25 GB of free storage available on their service.

When people are comparing features on cloud services a lot tend to look only on the among free storage space before they make up their mind. Of cause it is nice to get a lot of storage for free, but for me personally it is just as important how good the support for synchronization and mobile devices are working. I have been using SkyDrive, Dropbox and now Google Drive and so far my favorite has been Dropbox, because the synchronization to my PC’s and mobile devices are working great.

What to choose? Google Drive or Dropbox?

I have been playing around with Google Drive for the last couple of days and have to say that the similarities to Dropbox are very easy to spot. The way the PC applications and the website services are working are almost identically. The only thing I have not been able to figure out in Google Drive is how to select what folder to upload to from my Android phone. When I upload e.g. pictures they are always uploaded to the root folder. I hope that this little issue will be fixed in future releases.
When it comes to free storage Google Drive comes with 5 GB free space Vs Dropbox where you by default get 2 GB. In my case I have been able to upgrade my Dropbox to 12 GB do to different Dropbox Upgrade Programs.


Feature comparison table:

Feature Google Drive Dropbox SkyDrive iCloud
Free Storage Capacity 5GB 2GB (Can be upgraded by inviting friends) 7GB  (25GB for old loyal users) 5GB
Maximum Capacity 16TB 1TB 100GB 50GB
Folder Sharing Yes Yes Yes No
Mobile App. Android, (iPhone, iPad upcoming) iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android (Updated) iPhone, iPad

Which cloud service do you prefer?

How about you? What cloud services are you using and what do you think about Google Drive so far? I will love to hear your opinion about Google Drive. Please drop me a comment below.

How to get more free space for your Dropbox account

Dropbox account

Dropbox account

If you like I am a big fan of Dropbox you might want to get some more space than the default 2 GB that the free account comes with. You can of cause buy some more space, but there is also a couple of ways you can get more space for free. At the moment I have 11.5 GB space on my free Dropbox account, just by completing the steps below.

Steps to get more free space on DropboxDropBox for mobile

  • Install Dropbox on more PC’s
  • Install Dropbox on your Smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • Invite your friends to join Dropbox
  • Tweet and Like Dropbox on Twitter/Facebook.
  • Take the Intro Tour when you sign up on their website
  • Upload pictures and video with beta version of Dropbox.

Some of the steps you can complete just after you create your new account at this link: www.dropbox.com/gs

To get additional free space, visit this link: www.dropbox.com/free. These steps require you to have a Twitter and FaceBook account to be able to perform these steps.

My last tip to get extra free space for your Dropbox account is to visit the Dropbox Forum and join the Experimental Forum Build to upload pictures and Video with the beta version of Dropbox. This way you can earn up to 5 GB extra space..!!! All you need to do is to upgrade to a beta version of Dropbox and start uploading pictures or video. No registration is required and the free disk space is permanent. You can afterward delete the pictures and video you have uploaded and use the free space for other things you would like.

Do you have a free Dropbox account?

How much space do you have on your DropBox? Do you know of any additionally ways to get extra free space for DropBox? Please share it below in a comment. I would also very much appreciate if you will share this post about Dropbox with your friends on social media.