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Check out my new Guest Post at Blazingminds

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I just wrote a Guest Post at Karen Woodham’s great Blog: Blazingminds the post is about TweetDeck that is my number one App when it comes to tweeting. You should go ahead over there and check it out. Karen is a great blogger that writes about a lot of different stuff likes Movies, Social Media, Blogging Tips and a lot of other stuff. I you want to do some  guest blogging yourself you can sign up at her blog too. Karen has more than 14.000 followers on Twitter and in my book that must mean that she so doing something right when it comes to blogging and Social media.

My first ever Guest Post


I recently posted my first ever guest post at comluv.com called 5 things I don’t miss about the good old days. A lot of other bloggers has told me that it was a great way to generate traffic to a new blog and to promote my blog on a blog that already receives a lot of traffic. So after got a good idea for a post I contacted Andy Bailey (the owner) from comluv.com and requested permission to be quest blogger in his community. I did not have to wait long before I received a mail that I was approved as a guest blogger. From that on there was no looking back, my first guest post was on the way. I made did some research found some nice pictures and in a couple of hours I have made my first guest post. I didn’t just send it on its way right away. I put it away for a day and the next day I read it for review and moved away some obvious mistakes I had made in the text. I submitted my post in my comluv dashboard and waited for it to be approved. When it was approved I received an e-mail with the date and time it was scheduled for release. The thing is that Andy does not just publish a guest post right away. He put then in a schedule and spread them out so all guest post get their minutes of fame. Instead of publishing 4 post in one day and none the next day the guest post are spread out so all guest bloggers have their post on the front page for a little week (depending on how many guest post there is of cause).


So what did it gave me to post my first guest post on comluv.com after one week:

  • I have received 49 comments so far (Including my own replies)
  • I got 14 visitors to my blog from the comluv community (according to Google Analytics)
  • I received 5 credits for posting my post that I can use on comluv.com
  • I got a number of backlinks to my own blog from comluv.com
  • Best of all my guest post is still there to work for me and my blog 🙂

By the way if you have not got the new CommentLuv 2.9 plugin you should go and get it for your own blog. It is free and I think it is a great plugin.

That was all from me for this time. I would like to hear about your guest posting experience. Have you been a guest blogger? Was it worth it? How are you considering in order finding the best blog for your guest posts?