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How to Fix Sharebar Plugin issue after upgrading to WordPress 3.5


I had an issue with the Sharebar plugin today after I upgraded this blog to WordPress version 3.5. As always when making major WordPress upgrade on my blog I had made a backup of my files and database. This issue was not that big that my blog became inaccessible, but it was still annoying. I went for the Sharebar page at WordPress.org to look for an update to the plugin, but no luck 🙁 I decided to disable the plugin and started to look for others with the same problem. It was actually not that hard and I even found a couple of solutions/workaround to make it work without any errors on my blog.

My favorite WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins
With WordPress you have access to tons of plugins. Some are fantastic and some are not. It can be quite a lot of work to find the good once. That is why I have decided to make a little description of my favorite plugins:

  • Akismet
  • Add Meta Tag
  • Avatar plugin
  • WP PHP Widget
  • Google Analytics Plug-in
  • WP-Polls


Akismet is one plugin you can’t live without if you want people to leave comments on your blog and on the other hand want to keep spammers away.

Add Meta Tag:

The Add Meta Tag plugin easily makes you insert and edit Meta tags for your site without manually editing PHP files. Nice and easy plugin that make it easy for you.

Avatar plugin:

Upload you own avatars to make comments on your WordPress blog more personally.

Google Analytics Plugin:

With the Google Analytics Plugin you can easily put in the Google analytic code at your WordPress blog. Just like with the Meta Tag plugin this make it easy for you to put in your code.

WP PHP Widget:

With WP PHP Widget you can insert PHP code in a widget. Put in a couple of lines with PHP code, and make the result appear in a widget on your blog. Nice and easy.


Use WP-Polls to create online multiple choice polls on your WordPress blog. Let people vote on your site for whatever you find interesting.