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Find a free QR scanner App for your Smartphone


A couple of months ago I wrote a post about QR codes. Recently I needed to find an APP for QR codes to a Smartphone running Windows Phone 6.5. Not that it is hard to find at all. There are a lot of apps out there. I will share a couple of the best with your guys here:

What is QR codes and how does they work?

Quick response

How does QR codes work?

QR codes is a two dimensional barcode system invented in Japan by Denso-Wave back in 1994. The barcode can represent a text, a phone number or an URL. The QR is short for: Quick Response. The concept of the QR code is that it can be scanned with a smartphone using the camera and a little application to translate the code to e.g. a website or a phone number. The concept was initially used for parts tracking in vehicle manufacturing, but is now used for many businesses.
QR codes might be the new big think in marketing and advertising. In Asia you can already see QR codes on billboards and commercials.

QR codes www.techwork.dk

A couple of examples of QR codes:

Try and scan them and find out what is behind the codes.
You can create a QR code for your own site at: QRcode.kaywa.com