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How to change the default port for Remote Desktop

If you like me is a big fan of the Windows feature Remote Desktop, you might find this post interesting. I will tell you how you can change the default port for Remote Desktop making it harder for hackers to attack your computer.

Search for large files with Windows Explorer Search


One of the things that I love about Windows 7 is the fast integrated search option built into Windows Explorer. In Windows XP you can Download Windows Desktop Search 4.0. It is working pretty much the same way as in Windows 7, but it is slow and takes up a lot of system resources. The built-in version in Windows 7 is working much better and faster. One of the reasons why the Search function are working very fast in Windows 7 is that it is indexing all your files as a background service called “Windows Search”. You can configure what folders you want to include in the Pre-indexed cache by selecting “Indexing Options” in the Control Panel.

How to install the Telnet Client from a command line


windows-Telnet-prompt-logoIn Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 the Telnet Client is not installed by default, but if you are a real geek like me you can’t live without the good old Telnet Client :-). In this post I will guide you through installing the Telnet Client feature that is no longer installed by default in Windows.

How to backup Windows 7 with built-in backup Technology


Built-in Backup solution in Windows 7

If you have tried to lose valuable data of yours just one you might agree with me that it is a good idea to make a backup from time to time. But when we all know it is a good idea to make a backup, why do we forget to do it anyway from time to time?

Enable Autologin on Windows 7 and lock the screen

I would like to share another cool tip with you.

If you like me often power up your computer and go away to do some other stuff (read: getting some coffee) while waiting for Windows to startup, you might find this tip handy. What this tip can do for you is to autologin your computer to startup background jobs, tray icons and whatever else that is auto starting on your computer.