How to display System Information on Desktop with BGInfo

If you need an easy way to Display System Information of a computer on the desktop, then BGInfo from Windows Sysinternals comes to the rescue. If you are an regular visitor to this Blog you know that I have written post about Sysinternals Great Tools before. Sysinternals Tools can help you to deal with all kind of problems you might have with Windows PC’s and servers. The tools are small fast and most of all they are all freeware 🙂

Well back to the subject of BGInfo. BGInfo is a free tools that you can download from the Microsoft Sysinternals website free of charge. What it can do for you is that it can grab all the system information from the computer you run it on an let you chose which to display as a wallpaper each time the computer starts up.

BgInfo from Windows Sysinternals

BGInfo only consist of a single file (824 kb) that you can put into the Startup menu to make it load each time the PC boots. You can also use the Windows Task Scheduler to run BGInfo on a regular basis to ensure long-running systems are kept up to date. If you do so you should add the parameter: /timer:0 to update the display without showing the configuration dialog box.

How to configure BGInfo

BGInfo Configurations

When you configure BGInfo you can select the fields of information you want to show and remove them you don’t need. You can also change color font and size of the text if you want to.

Command Line parameters for BGInfo

The following  command line parameters are available for BGInfo for use if you start the program automatically via start menu or a scheduled task.

<path> Specifies the name of a configuration file to use for the current session. Changes to the configuration are automatically saved back to the file when OK or Apply is pressed.
/timer Specifies the timeout value for the countdown timer, in seconds. Specifying zero will update the display without displaying the configuration dialog.
/popup Causes BGInfo to create a popup window containing the configured information without updating the desktop. The information is formatted exactly as it would if displayed on the desktop, but resides in a fitted window instead.
/silent Suppresses error messages.
/taskbar Causes BGInfo to place an icon in the taskbar’s status area without updating the desktop. Clicking the icon causes the configured information to appear in a popup window.
/all Specifies that BGInfo should change the wallpaper for any and all users currently logged in to the system. This option is useful within a Terminal Services environment, or when BGInfo is scheduled to run periodically on a system used by more than one person (see Using a Schedule below).
/log Causes BGInfo to write errors to the specified log file instead of generating a warning dialog box. This is useful for tracking down errors that occur when BGInfo is run under the scheduler.

Download BGInfo from Windows Sysinternals (387 KB)

That is all from me for this time. I hope that you found this tool useful and will love if you would leave me a comment below.


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I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Thomas, Wow, this is great information. It reminds me of the days of DOS when we could find out that information by entering code. But this is much better and I’m impressed with how small the file is!

    Thanks for sharing this with us

  2. Sanjib says:

    Hello Thomas,

    This systematic guide is enough to understand and implement the procedure.


  3. Juan says:

    this tools will make the laptop and pc user easily know about their system information direct on screen, thanks

  4. donnau1 says:

    I must admit that I have learn some thing new by reading you very interested blog post and I am sure that any one that share the same interest will learn something from your information too thanks for sharing.

  5. Guppu Boss says:

    Nice tutorial I usually right click on my computer icon to check my system info. You told me a good bginfo soft to know info easy

  6. Rachel Berge says:

    Hey thomas, Nice articel and nice tool also. The main thing is its totally free of charge and i like free stuff….. lol!!!back to the point, I’m also do the same thing as gappu boss said in the recent comment, when i want to check my computer info then i directly go with right click on my computer and then it will be process. But now your article teaches me to do something different than the basic. So, thanks for sharing. RACHEL.

  7. A nice application. all information on Desktop thanks!!!

  8. Lankadeepa says:

    Nice Post and Good tool also. The main thing is its totally free of charge and i like free stuff….. lol!!!back to the point, I’m also do the same thing as gappu said in the recent comment, when i want to test my computer info then i directly go with right click on my computer and then it will be process.

  9. Kristine says:

    It’s good to realize that the best and the most useful things in life are still very much free 🙂 I want to be able to thoroughly check my PC without any complications, I’m not very tech-savvy so thanks for providing this guide.

  10. jawad zaib says:

    Great post i was looking for a tool to display System Information on my Desktop and with BGInfo i will be able to do so, its a nice post thanks for this and keep up the good work…

  11. Sandra says:

    This is a quick how-to guide you have here! Detailed, concise and very informative. This article is worth sharing!

  12. Jeff says:

    You can also use a nifty software called Everest. It displays detailed information about your current’s system state as well.

  13. Technology says:

    Sorry this is the first time am visiting your site and am totally appreciate your post but i do want to know about “Sysinternals Great Tools” which you said you have mentioned in your another post so could you please share that link with a reply to me so that i get the information which am going trough from past two weeks !

  14. Trick Info says:

    Wao it’s outstanding and really amazing……………..

  15. vicky says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Bginfo is a great tool and I could keep a check of my system information through it. You have explained it vey well and have provided useful commands related to it. Very useful info.

  16. pravin says:

    You can also use a awesome application known as The tallest mountain. It shows details about your current’s system condition as well.

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