How to find old versions of your Favorite Apps

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Sometimes you might need an older version of an App, a tool or a plugin. There can be many reasons why you don’t want to use the newest version, but it can be very difficult to find older version of software even if it is freeware. The reason for that is that most companies want people to use their newest version that often is the most secure version where most bugs are fixed. It is also easier for support matters if all users are using the newest version. It makes great sense to use the newest version of all software you use, but there is times where an older version can be the perfect choice. That is where the website comes to the rescue :-) It is completely free and you don’t have to signup or login, you just go ahead and download what you need.

I need an old version of Java, but where do I find it?

Recently I was trying to connect to an older Cisco firewall. I was denied access due to improved Java security, because I had updated my Java browser plugin to the newest version. Oracle had found some serious security issues in earlier editions of their plugin and like most people I upgraded to be safe in the Internet. In my case with the Cisco firewall I need to downgrade, at least for a while, to be able to contact my firewall. My problem was that Oracle, the company developing Java, does only have the newest version available on their public website. I know that I can signup at Oracle and get access to older version, but that is a slow process just to download a plugin. Instead someone told me about the website. At this website you can find old versions of all kind of apps that you properly have downloaded over the last 10 years or more. e.g. Java, Winamp, Total Commander, Google Earth, WinRAR and many more.

* You can find software for both Windows, Linux and Mac on

Are you often looking for older version of software?

Please drop me a comment and tell me what you think about the oldapps website. Do you often need to download older version of your favorite apps, but find it hard to find the older versions?

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