Move your files to Windows 10 with PCmover Express

If you like me, have been around the IT business for years, you might have noticed that the good old Windows Easy Transfer tool, is no longer available in Windows 10. However, Microsoft has another solution available for you and it is still free 😀 Microsoft have partnered up with a company called Laplink that have a new solution for the task, called PCmover Express. PCmover can do the job just like Windows Easy Transfer did back in the days.

How does PCmover Express works?PCmover

It is very simple and works pretty much the same was as Windows Easy Transfer did. You install the program on both computers and let the program analyze the old computer. When it is done you can select what kind of data and what users you want to transfer. You can also exclude files or folders you don’t want to move. That could be useful if you have a lot of music or video that you don’t want to move to your new computer. PCmover supports moving the data using network cable, Wi-Fi, Laplink Ethernet Cable, Laplink USB Cable or simple File Storage (USB stick or External Hard Drive). Personally I prefer using File Storage, because I don’t need to have both computers turned on at the same time, using that method. When selecting File Storage PCmover export all data from the old PC to a simple (.pcv) file that I can import on the target computer using PCmover on the target computer. When you import your data to a new computer, you can map the old user to an existing user on the target computer or simply create a new user. When the transfer is over, your target computer will restart and you are ready to login to see all your settings from your old computer has been applied to the user you selected, on your new computer 🙂

Check out the video below. I am sure it will answer most of your questions for this tool:

Download PCmover Express

You can download PCmover Express from Microsoft’s website for *free (33.2 MB). You can find more information about PCmover on Laplinks official website here. You might want to check for updates before making your first transfer, because new features and bug fixes might have been added to newer versions of the product.

*Free download available from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016.

What do you think about PCmover?

I hope you find this article useful and will love to hear from you what you think about Laplink PCmover. I just wish I have found this tool earlier. I have been doing this task manual a lot of times and was missing Windows Easy Transfer, as I have been using it a lot in Windows XP and Windows 7. Please drop me a comment below if you have any questions.

About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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15 Responses to Move your files to Windows 10 with PCmover Express

  1. John says:


    Does it helps in moving the software and the licesnes too? i guess, we need to request the license change since the hardware id is changed.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi John

      No, it does not help moving licens or apps. You will still have do that yourself, but it does help moving your files and settings to the new computer. e.g. wallpapers, pictures, documents and IE bookmarks.

  2. Lily Jamatia says:

    PCmover Express looks amazing but I have a question, will it work on pirated version of Windows 10? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hey Thomas,
    PCmover Express looks pretty useful but is it really free or I have to buy something for Pro version?

  4. Servis Računara says:

    Great post,I will surely give it a try since I bought SSD and I want to transfer my OS to it.Keep up the good work!

  5. Herry potter says:

    Nice indeed post, But sometimes software have data copying and transfer problem due restricted data limit set up by software developers to make money from users.

    is it free ???

    • Thomas says:

      It is free in a limited periode from Microsofts website:

      *Free download available from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016.

  6. viki debbarma says:

    I am so confused does it supports moving software along with the licence number.?

    • Thomas says:

      No, it does not move software or license key. It moves all your desktop shortcuts, Internet favorites and pictures and documents.

  7. Thanks , I was looking for one such software since I am planning to buy another laptop and I was hesitant thinking about the data I have built over these years.

  8. Chiro says:

    Hi, Thomas
    Thanks for sharing this effective post. It’s awesome and works perfectly.

  9. Thank you for the information, is PCMover Express still free?

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