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In order to keep your computer performing optimal it is necessary to keep your drivers updated just like you keep it updated to stay secure online.

Driver Booster keeps your drivers updated

Most people know it is important to keep software updated in order to be secure from hackers, malware and viruses. In order to keep your computer performing optimal you should also keep your drivers updated. To help you with that, IObit has developed a small tool to help you keep your drivers updated. If you are a gamer that love to play heavy games, updating graphic card, network and disk drivers updated.

I tested Driver Booster on my own computer and was a bit surprised that I had that many drivers that was not up to date. I knew that my graphic card driver was not the newest one, because Nvidia updated all the time, but that my audio and net Card driver was very old was a surprise for me. Maybe you should test your own system to see if your drivers are up to date. Driver Booster automatically makes a Windows restore point, making it easy to recover if something goes bad updating a driver.

How does Driver Booster work?

After installing Driver Booster, it will scan your computer to check if you have drivers that is not running on the newest version. If the scan finds devices that is not running the newest version it presents you with a list of devices you should updated. You can choose yourself what drivers you want to update. You can choose to automatically reboot the PC when the update has completed. Reboot is required for most updates to work. In case you find that an updated driver is not working stable you also have an option to restore to an older driver. Driver Booster automatically keeps a backup of the drivers you update (Pro Edition only).


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About Driver Booster

Driver Booster 6 controls and updates more than 2.500.000 device drivers from Intel, Nvidia, AMD etc. to keep you running on the best and most stable drivers on your computer. The software also has a feature you can turn on to boost your games. Game Boost stop unnecessary app/services for a better gaming experience. Driver booster also cleanup old leftovers that many driver installers leave behind after updating drivers.

Driver Booster from IObit is also available in a Pro edition with even more features.

Gallery of Driver Booster from IObit


Download Driver Booster 6

To test Driver Booster from IObit you can download the free version here:
Download Driver Booster Free here (19.3 MB)

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