Toggle the Windows Key On and Off with this Tool

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Back in October 2012 I wrote a post about How to disable the Windows Key in Windows for the people that feel the key is more trouble than good. The solution to the issue includes making changes to the Windows registry and creating a long binary sequence to make the tweak works. I got some comments to the post asking for an easier way to make this work. I decided to develop a small utility that make it easier to tweak this little changes to Windows for users without technical experiences.


Download the Windows Key Toggler Utility


Yesterday I finished writing the tool and it is available on my download page here on What the program does is that it creates the changes to the registry for you making it all very easy to use. All you need to do is to click on the “Toggle Windows Key On/off” button and restart or logoff your computer. When you log back in to windows the change is effective. If you want to enable the keys again you just Toggle the Windows key On and reboot your computer again.


Troubleshooting Windows Key Toggler

Be aware that this setting is made for all users on the computer and that it requires administrator privilege to make the changes. If you don’t have the rights needed or you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled you will see a message like this:


You can try right clicking the program and select Run as Administrator. That should do the trick regarding UAC. Also remember that you will need to logout your user to make the changes work every time you toggle the Windows Key on or Off. That is because it is a registry setting that is only read when the user login to Windows. Unfortunately that is not something that I can change.


I hope that you have found this tool useful and you are always welcome to leave me a comment below if you have any questions or feedback regarding this tool.


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