What is filling up my hard drive?

With the fast (but smaller) SSD that is standard in most modern laptops today, you might be running low on free disk space after a while.

Sometimes you might not know what is filling up your local hard drive and it can be very time consuming to figure it out. That is why I will introduce you to a nice little tool called TreeSize, that can help you with the task fast and easy. The files that fill up a drive can be anything from files you have copied into your PC yourself, like photos, videos or music. Sometimes it can also be things like: driver downloads, Internet Cache, Temp files, Online Storage programs like Dropbox, OneDrive and a lot of other things.

What is the TreeSize tool?

The TreeSize tool is a great little free tool that can help you identify in which folders you hard drive is been filled up.

How does TreeSize work

The tool is very simple and easy to use. You simply select a folder or a drive you want to scan and the tool delivers a visual overview order by the folders taking up the most space on your drive. The program does not delete anything, but simply shows you where all your mess is.

Download TreeSize

You can download TreeSize here and check it out yourself.


Don’t delete system files or folders. Your computer might not be able to reboot if you mess up with the wrong files. If you find files you don’t know the meaning with, try searching on Google to find more information, before you delete the files.

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2 Responses to What is filling up my hard drive?

  1. Munna says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I use two hdd one magnetic and one SSD and I have found that my HDD was getting full all on a sudden. Thanks for recommending treesize tool.

  2. Mike Marko says:

    Thanks for sharing its very useful article.

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