How to retrieve your Windows Product Key from Registry

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Sometimes it can be convenient to be able to retrieve the Windows Product key from an active Windows installation e.g. if you have lost your Windows COA Sticker or if you can’t read the sticker anymore because it has been damage. I have developed a little tool in Visual Basic that can help you to retrieve your Windows Product key from the registry on an active Windows installation. With this tool you can find your Product Key before you reinstall your system to be sure that you are able to reactivate your Windows license. No installation is required and there is no catch like in form of toolbars or hidden ads. It is just a single .exe file that you can put on a USB stick and bring with you wherever you go.


The format of a Windows Product key is in most cases a 25 characters looking like this:

Download GetWinKey

You can download GetWinKey from my download section *

*.Net Framework 3.5 is required to run this tool.

Supported platform:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

Both x86 and x64 platform is supported

If you have any comments regarding this program or maybe you have a suggesting for an improvement just leave me a comment below.

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