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One of the things that I love about Windows 7 is the fast integrated search option built into Windows Explorer. In Windows XP you can Download Windows Desktop Search 4.0. It is working pretty much the same way as in Windows 7, but it is slow and takes up a lot of system resources. The built-in version in Windows 7 is working much better and faster. One of the reasons why the Search function are working very fast in Windows 7 is that it is indexing all your files as a background service called “Windows Search”. You can configure what folders you want to include in the Pre-indexed cache by selecting “Indexing Options” in the Control Panel.

How to search for large files in Windows Explorer

Sometimes you need to search for large files in a folder or maybe in an entire hard drive to figure out where all your disk space has gone. In Windows Explorer  there are some default search terms you can select from when you are searching for large files:


The only issue is that the biggest search term there is to select from is files larger than (“Gigantic” > 128 MB). I don’t know about you but I don’t think 128 MB is a Gigantic file. The good thing is that we can make our own search term in the search box just like we want it. If you want to find files bigger than 1 GB you simply just put in: size:>1GB in the search box. This is just one of many search teams you can put into the Windows Explorer Search box. Some of the other search terms you can use in the search box are: Length, Type, datemodified, Authors, Tags and Kind. If you e.g. enter the term: kind:=folder you will get all the folders and subfolder in the location where you do the search, but no files will be show in the Search result.


If you want to learn more about the search terms in Windows Explorer check out Advanced Searching in Windows 7

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