Windows 7 – Automatic change of default printer

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How to automatic change default printer

I found out about a nice little feature the other day, that I would like to share with you.
A new great feature in Windows 7 is that you now can configure automatic change of your default printer (location-aware printing). If you have a laptop that you use both at home and at work or at school, you can configure it to automatically change default printer depending on which network you are on. Maybe you have tried to sit and work at home being connected to the company network. You find something you want to print (maybe even something personally) and hit the print button like you always do. You look at your printer and nothing happens. You check that the printer is turned on and it is. Then suddenly it gets you. You have sent the print job to the office printer….!

To avoid this you can configure automatic default printer based on the network you are connected to (Need to be a laptop and Windows 7 professional, Ultimate or Enterprise edition):

Follow these simple steps:
Go to Device and Printers
Select your default printer and click on Manage default printers

Default printer

Select Change my default printer when I change networks and select a default printer for each network.

Manage default printers

That is it. Now you computer automatic change your default printer to the one that match the network you are connected to.

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