Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8.1 has been available for a while now and I think it would be a good time to share with you some of the keyboard shortcut that I use the most. There is no doubt that Microsoft had done a lot of work in Windows 8.1 to please tablet users. If you are a normal desktop user like me, it might seem like you have to do everything with the mouse, but that is not true. If you learn some of the basic keyboard shortcuts, I think it will be a lot easier for you to navigate around in Windows 8.1 on your laptop or desktop PC. I think that most Windows users has a lot of habits on how we do stuff. When Microsoft change a lot of things in the UI as they have done with Windows 8 many of our habits gets broken and we will need to adjust. Learning the shortcuts below has been a big help for me to adapt the new UI of Windows 8.


My favorite keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.1

Many of the shortcuts you already know for Windows 7 does still work in Windows 8.1, but Microsoft has added some extra combinations that make great sense in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 know that we don’t have the start menu anymore. Here is a list of my favorite shortcuts:


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  • [Windows Key + B] – Set focus in the notification area
  • [Windows Key + D] – Show Desktop
  • [Windows Key + I] – Settings
  • [Windows Key + E] – Explorer
  • [Windows Key + F] – Search for files
  • [Windows Key + Q]Search for Apps
  • [Windows key + W] – Search for Settings
  • [Windows Key + C]Access the charms bar
  • [Windows Key + K] – Open the Devices charm
  • [Windows Key + PgUp/PgDn] – Toggle Modern Desktop between desktops
  • [Windows Key + R] – Run Dialog
  • [Windows Key + L] – Lock Computer
  • [Windows Key + P] – Screens

For more Windows 8/Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts, check out this list. If you are looking for Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts, I wrote a post about that topic a couple of years ago.

What is your favorite shortcut for Windows 8?

What is your favorite keyboard shortcut that you use all the time? I think my favorite will be [Windows Key + L] to lock my computer. I use it all the time. Please drop me a comment below.

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14 Responses to Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. sivani says:

    Very informative , i’m searching for these shortcuts over a hour. Thank you, it helps to save my time while using PC.

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve been using Windows 8.1 for a while now and have not run into a single shortcut. I didn’t even know they existed. Thanks for the list! I will try them out.

  3. Amit Arora says:

    Had been looking for these for some time now. I am new to windows 8.0 and I am not liking what I see. I hope this makes my life easier. Thank you Thomas.

  4. Aamir Lehri says:

    Thanks for the shortcuts i was searching for them

  5. ajay says:

    yes great one, I have to need this..because I prefer keyboard rather than a mouse…thanks good job!!!

  6. My favorite have to be these two from the larger list:-
    Alt + Tab: Cycle forward through open windows
    Alt + F4: Close Application

    No more mousing over the small red x button 🙂

  7. Sagar says:

    Nice and very useful post

    I have started using Windows 8.1 recently and I have find it really awesome.It really has some cool features.

    I earlier got a list of shortcuts but were not working properly. Since then I was searching for the right list. The list provided here is of great help.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. joe arrigo says:

    My daughter uses Windows 8. I’ll be sure to forward this post to her. Thanks.

  9. vishvast says:

    thnx for sharing these shortcuts as i am using and i really facing so many issues with it ….will going to bookmark it . thnxx a lot thomas for the help

  10. Senat says:

    Thans for these information. 🙂 Windows + F is my favorite shortcut to find my files. Also I have found many useful articles in your blog.

  11. Patrick says:

    My current favorite is Windows + Right or Left arrow key. It splits monitor in half and puts current window in right or left half of monitor instantly. Life changing 🙂

  12. dawatech says:

    Before i look at windows 8.1 as an unnecessary update to window 7 not until i started using it, my favorite shortcut keys is the window key + E which enable me to open file explorer quickly

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