Windows 9 coming in 2015?

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I normally don’t comment on IT rumors, but I think that this one is too interesting not to share. According to multiple source on the Internet Microsoft will release their next operating system, Windows 9 in 2015. If they stick too their normal roadmap we can expect to see the first beta versions at Microsoft Build conferences in April 2015 and properly the final RTM version properly about October 2015. Same sources are expecting Windows Phone 9 and properly also the next version of Office expected to be named Office 2015. Some of the new things about Windows 9 should be some kind of cloud-based version called Windows 365. Other news should be great changes to Metro UI, OneDrive and Windows Defender. Other rumors says that Microsoft is considering making Windows 9 a free upgrade for users that already have bought Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Personally I don’t believe they will do that with a new major version of Windows, but I am very curious to see what Microsoft are going to change about the Start Menu and the metro screen introduced in Windows 8.

What is your thoughts about Windows 9?

I would love to hear what you think about these rumors? Do you believe that Microsoft will be ready with a new version of Windows already next year? What do you hope for when it comes to new features or improvement compared to Windows 8.1? Please leave me a comment below.


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