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Review of Samsung UE40ES6715 40 inch LED TV

It is time for a review of my new Samsung UE40ES6715 40 Inch LED TV. I have always been a big fan of Samsung TV’s and of cause my first ever LED TV should also be from Samsung. After doing some research online I ended up with a 40 inch Samsung UE40ES6715 (Nordic model). It might look like a silver TV on the picture above, but in fact it is a white TV and so are the remote.

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q2 2012

Google Analytics

Another quarter has pasted and it is time for another Google Analytics Report of mine. In case you Penguin Attack missed my last report you can find it here. For the first time since I started this blog I have really seen some serious drop in traffic. The trouble started back in April when I as many other bloggers around the world was hit by the Google Penguin update. I am not sure why Google fell like punishing my blog, but they sure did. However my PageRank at Google are still PR3 for this Blog.

Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool for Android Smartphones

Wireless NetworkIf you own a Laptop or a Smartphone you are properly connecting to wireless networks all the time. Wireless networks are great if they are configured correct because it gives you fast and reliably Internet access without using any cables. The problem occurs if you’re Wireless Router or Access Point is not properly configured. It might give you a lot of connection and speed issues that can be very frustrating. There can multiple issues why your wireless network is not working properly and it can sometimes be difficult to fix if you are not a specialist in this area. However this little App that I am going to introduce to you might make it a lot easier to fix the issue. The App is called Wi-Fi Analyzer and is only available for Android Smartphones.

What is an ISO file?

ISO files

ISO files
An ISO file or an ISO image is an uncompressed archive file containing an optical disk image of a CD-ROM or DVD. The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system. ISO files can contain all kind of data that you can put on a CD or DVD e.g. Operating Systems, applications, videos and anything else you can put on a disc. The smart thing about an ISO files is that you can burn it directly to a CDROM or DVD media. There are also tools available that let you mount an ISO file as a virtual disc drive and run the content from there. I have earlier written a post about one of my favorites named Virtual CloneDrive. If you prefer to burn the ISO file, Windows 7 has a built-in application that can do just that named Isoburn.

Most Creative 404 Error Pages on the Internet

Lego 404 error page


I recently asked my readers to send me The Best 404 Error Pages and now it is time to share the best of them with you. Thanks to all that have joined the fun and send me creative or funny 404 Error pages and thanks to all that joined the discussion about the importance of a good 404 page. Maybe you can find some inspiration to create or improve your own customized 404 error pages for your own blog.