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Microsoft Process Explorer v14.01

Microsoft Process Explorer v14.01

If you want to monitor file access, this is the tool you need. Another great tool from Windows Sysinternals
Download Microsoft Process Explorer

33 methods to bring more visitores to your site

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33 methods to bring more visitores to your site

Found this nice resource on today. Something I definitely will look into as soon I get the time. Maybe you could use the tips as well to bring mores traffic to your site.
33 Proven Methods To Bring More Visitors to your Blog

Nice little tool (SIW)

Check your system information with SIW

System Information for Windows

I recently found this nice little tool named SIW (System Information for Windows)
Maybe you remember a great tool called AIDA32 back in the good old Windows days. This tool is similar to that and is still supported. When you start up SIW it scans your computer’s hardware and software and shows you all the information about your system. When I say all information I really mean ALL.

Here is just some of the information you can see with SIW:

  • BIOS version
  • CPU Socket
  • Memory slots
  • Core temperatures
  • Environment variables
  • Local user accounts
  • ARP Network table
  • Cached password (Browser, Windows Live, E-mail)

If you have never tried out SIW you should check it out. You can download that program here

New video added

I have just added a video I found this morning on YouTube to my video section.
Great parody on Microsoft.

Added meta tags

Has just installed the “Add Meta Tags” plugins on my blog.

Think it is much easier than adding the code manually. Hope it will improve my site on Search engines on the Internet, but not sure how much affect these tags has anymore.