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Twitter Guide For Dummies part1

Welcome to my little Twitter Guide For Dummiesbush

As you properly know Twitter is a Social Network that is quiet popular all over the world. If you are new to twitter you might find this post helpful to get you started on Twitter. In this post I will try to explain how it works and how you get started.

So how does it work?

First of all you need to create an account. You do that by clicking on the sign up button and enter in your personal details. You need to select a unique username that will follow you on twitter. It might be difficult to find a good available one, but try to find one that tell who you are or what you like.

Twitter is a messages system where you can share your thoughts and links with the rest of the Twitter community. The messages on Twitter are called Tweets and are limited to 140 charters which for some people are not much. When you have written your massage in the “What’s happening” text box, you click on the Tweet button and your tweet are submitted to Twitter for everyone to read.

Following and Followers

Following: On Twitter you can follow other people to read what they are tweeting about. Other people can likewise follow you to read what you are tweeting about. Keep in mind that everybody can follow you without your approval. Don’t write that your boss is a big idiot or stuff like that. Hi or her might be reading your tweets without your knowledge 😉
The only way to protect your tweets is to protect your profile, but that don’t make much sense on Twitter in my opinion. If you don’t want to share, Twitter is not the wright place for you.

When you have found a person or a company that you want to follow, you just click on the follow button. You can always unfollow them if you regret.

Followers: Followers are the people that are following you on twitter. At first it can’t be difficult to get people to following your, but be patient and start tweeting and begin following some other people. Some of them might be following your back. An important thing in order to get followers is to create a good profile with some information about you and your interests. Also change your picture to something more personally that the default one. Nobody wants to follow an egg. If you like you can also create your own Twitter background or change the default color. All those things can help to make people find your more interesting so they want to follow you.


On the timeline both your own tweets and the tweets of the people you follow appear. The newest appear at the top. If someone you follow Retweet a tweet the will also appear in the timeline even if you don’t follow the person the Retweet.

This is all for part 1. Let me here what you think and what was most confusing for you when you started on twitter. I would also like to hear what you think that I should cover in part 2.