Today it is 6 year since I launched this blog

Today, November 28th. it is 6 years since I launched this blog. I can believe I have had this blog for 6 years already. It feels like it was just yesterday I started has been a fun project for me and I have learned a lot about a lot of different things. I have learned a lot about WordPress, SEO, link-building, AdSense writing posts in English and a lot of other stuff. I have also learned a lot of interesting people on my way, being a blogger. I have really learned a lot as a blogger over the years and when I look back on some of my first posts I can’t stop thinking: “What was I doing, writing that..?” 🙂  It just shows me how much I have learned and how much better I am, writing posts today. There is of cause still a lot I can work with and be better at, but that is also what makes this fun. There is always something new to write about and there is always something to improve on a blog.

My most popular post the last 12 months

Sometimes it can be a good idea to look back in what have worked well in the past as a blogger. Looking at my most popular post for the last 12 months I can see that writing reviews and writing How-to guides has been working very well for me. That is something I will have to keep on doing.

  1. Review of HP Pavilion 24xw Monitor
  2. How to Convert VMDK to VHDX disk
  3. Review of Samsung BD-D8500 HDD Recorder
  4. How to fix “Ignoring extended attributes” using ImageX on Windows 8
  5. How to change the default image editor program

Fun facts about Techwork

A little fun facts and numbers about my blog after 6 years.

  • 227 posts published (all written by myself)
  • Visits from 215 different countries

birthday cake

How to stay motivated as a blogger

I have seen a lot of bloggers that are not in the game for more than a year or two. There can be a lot of reasons for that. For some of them they are simply just starting their blog for the wrong reason. Maybe they think they can easily earn a lot of money on a blog. Others don’t have a plan or an idea of what to blog about. In my opinion, you need to blog about something you a passionate about. Otherwise your motivation will soon be gone. For me this blog is just a hobby project. I have a normal job that pay my bills. I am not in this for the money and I don’t make much money on this blog. On the other hand, I only post when I feel motivated for it and have a good idea for a post. Sometimes I take a break for maybe a month where I don’t post anything. That is okay for me and that is why I am still motivated for having this blog.

Why are you blogging?

Please drop me a comment below and tell my why you are blogging and what keeps you motivated?


About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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15 Responses to Today it is 6 year since I launched this blog

  1. jason benway says:

    Congrats and great job!
    How do you think you’ve continued to drive comments to your site?
    For me life got in the way of blogging and I really fell off the wagon for a number of months 🙂 Started to get moving on it again.

    • Thomas says:

      Thank you Jason
      I think it is something every blogger has tried at some point. It can’t be difficult to find the time to write and sometimes also the motivation and inspiration for new posts. For me it is okay not to post for a month or so. At some point I know I will find the inspiration again, because my blog is about something I am very passionate about 🙂

  2. Happy blogoversary Thomas, it’s always great to see a fellow blogger still blogging. To answer question, I’m still blogging for the passion and excitement that it still gives to me, plus if it wasn’t for my blog then I certainly wouldn’t be working with some amazing people at various etc. that I do now.

  3. Peter Clarkson says:

    Hi Thomas ,

    I just read your blog , congrats and more years to come to your site , im a newbie blogger too, i just started last 4 months ago and hopefully i will achieved a 6 years too. by the way great job keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Thomas Baruah says:

    Congratulation man,
    and of course happy birthday Techwork 😀

  5. Jayce Ooi says:

    Congrats. Mine almost 10 years. Need to work hard as I am a full time blogger now. 🙂

  6. Harry Uppal says:

    Hi Thomas,
    First of all congrats for running your blog for 6 years and secondly You really have a good blog. I will be reading your blog in future too.

  7. Congratulations, Thomas! I’m about a month behind you. I celebrate six years at The Wonder of Tech next month.

    You should be very proud of your success here at Techwork, Thomas. You’re still rocking it!

  8. I know I’m a little late, but congrats on making it for 6 years and hope to see you around for a very long time!

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