Follow your twitter stats with twittercounter, part 1

One month ago I created my twitter account for this blog. As you properly already know twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers and to attract visitors to your blog (traffic). After one month I thought I would share some of my experience on twitter with your guys, so here we go.

One thing I have learned so far is that it takes time to build a big number of followers on twitter. Of cause I could just go ahead and start following thousands of people on twitter and hope that just some of them will re-follow me. But with that strategy many of them would properly stop following me pretty fast. Instead I use the same strategy as I do with SEO and link building. I slowly build up a community and follow people in my niche or people that can learn me something about blogging or SEO. This is not a fast way to get popular, but I think it is a more solid way to do it. As in many other things in life there are no shortcuts. By the way, be away of the Twitters follow limits

Here are my stats after one month on Twitter:

Twitter stat

With the online service called Twittercounter you can see the trend on your followers and your tweets in some nice graphs. In that way you can see when you have increased you followers the most. With this tool you can see which twitter strategy is getting you the most followers. You can create your own free account at twittercounter

I will follow up on this post with part 2 after 3 months and part 3 after 6 months to let you know how I am doing on twitter. In the mean time I would like to hear about you experience on twitter and what you like best with twitter? What do you do to get more followers on twitter?

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Let the commenting begin 🙂

About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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7 Responses to Follow your twitter stats with twittercounter, part 1

  1. webnik says:

    I totally agree on the “long run” theory. More so because you don’t seem to base site on selling stuff – you are basically selling your self then. People react fast to red colored price tags but with humans they suddenly become skeptical, heh. They need convincing so believing in the long run is the way to go.

    Must say I have major doubts about Twitter value outside specific relationships, not necessarily personal ones, but then again one of the reasons internet is my main hobby is the odd chance of running in to interesting people. I have no interest in marketing or such at all. Twitter is as good a source for that as anything else. In my mind value of followers would be to check out those followers, find out what they do, who they know, who they link to etc. Ring in the water theory is related to the long haul. Twitter is more facilitating contact than being of any importance by it self. I might change opinion 😉

  2. Usman says:

    As far as the twitter is concerned, I first tried that people start follwing me normally (like I ask them on site to follow me) but this didn’t really worked, then I started using free following tools and other scrap things.

    They for sure given me a lot for followers, but a single one is not following my tweets.

    So, Indeed I get 200 real followers in about 2 year of time… thats my twitter story. 🙂

    best of luck for you.

  3. Eddie Gear - The Guy With An Attitude says:

    Does this really help Tomas. I’ve tried but, I feel that there are so much more to do and analyze.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Eddie
      Welcome to my blog.
      There is for sure a lot more information that impact Twitter in what Twittercounter can tell you. On the other hand I think Twittercounter can give you some nice stats when it comes to how following people and the number of tweets you tweet every day reflect your numbers of followers. That is what I have been using it for and after all it is a free service unless you upgrade to the Pro Twittercounter.

  4. Bruce says:

    I admit I’m pretty new to Twitter, but first glance it appears a terrible time suck. I do see merit in getting the “hordes” to view your website, then, if you’ve done the job correctly there, allow IT to be the venue to create the relationship.

    I see Twitter as just a tool to enable getting eyes to my blog, and as such, am thinking a well thought out method of automating getting (Twitter) eyes to glance there, such as auto follow/unfollow, may be an OK strategy.

  5. Glen says:

    what i would like to see is how much this blog profited because of the use of twitter. what’s the volume of traffic that came in? did it increase your traffic? how about your search engine visibility?

    just wondering how far can a twitter account make for a blog or a website. .. thanks!

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Glen
      It is a bit difficult to say exactly how much impact Twitter has on my traffic. If I look at my Google Analytics statistics it is number 6 on my “All traffic Sources” list. That might not be that impressive, but Twitter is so much more than just that. Twitter is connecting with other bloggers, Twitter is sharing and helping other bloggers and building a brand that generate more traffic also from other sources.

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