My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q2 – 2016

It is time for another of my regular traffic reports based on collected data from Google Analytics. This time for Q2 of 2016 (Apr 1 – Jun 30).As always, I share my numbers with my readers to see if I have improved, since my latest report or to for see some new trends regarding SEO.

Traffic TypesGoogle Analytics

  • Search Engines: 57.18%
  • Direct traffic: 30.69%
  • Referring Sites: 7.60%
  • Social traffic: 4.51%

For the second report in a row my Organic traffic has increased 🙂

Organic traffic (Search Engines Only)

  1. Google: 90.95%
  2. Bing: 6.78%
  3. Yahoo: 1.04%
  4. Yandex: 0.79%
  5. 0.23%

Compared to my latest report, the order of Search Engines bringing traffic to my blog, is exactly the same. Of cause, Google is, as always King of Search.

Top 5 Referring Sites

  5. is still the top of the pop when it comes to driving referring traffic to my blog. Maybe I should start writing more tutorials. I am also happy to see that I still get traffic from do to the post they re-shared about Microsoft Virtual Academy.


Top 10 visitors by Countrycountries

  1. United States
  2. Denmark
  3. India
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. Spain
  8. Canada
  9. France
  10. Brazil

United States is a new number 1 on the list. India has also moved one up on the list. My blog has been visited from 138 different countries the last 3 months 😀

Key Numbers of Q2 2016

  • Number of Visits to my blog: 7712 visits Vs 8488 in my latest report (-9,14%)
  • My bounce rate is: 80.13%

Conclusion on my Traffic Report

Well my traffic has dropped quite a lot the last 3 months. One of the reasons for that, is that I have not been posting as many articles as I normal do. I have struggled a bit with the motivation and inspiration to come up with new ideas for blog post. That is somethings I think most bloggers experiences from time to time.

About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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8 Responses to My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q2 – 2016

  1. Ravi Chahar says:

    Hey Thomas,

    It seems great. You are receiving the organic traffic a lot. I am sure it would boost more with the time.

    People forget about the SEO but they should try to learn about it to get indexed in the Google.

    Great post.
    Have a nice day.

  2. It is really big thing for me to drive traffic to my blog…!

  3. Hi Thomas, My traffic has dipped a bit too. I’m wondering if there isn’t a lull in the tech world. There’s always something to write about with tech, but the days of daily exciting tech news seem to be dwindling.

    20% of my traffic came from social media. Pinterest continues to be a huge source of traffic for me, representing 60% of my social media traffic.

    Thanks for sharing your stats, Thomas. Always interesting!

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Carolyn
      Interesting to hear how your traffic has been lately. I am still struggling with the driving traffic from social media. I am not even on Pinterest, maybe I should create an account and see if it is something for me. Thanks for your input Carolyn.

  4. Being newbie to this platform, i got many things to learn?
    Thanks for sharing such a great tips…!

  5. Manu says:

    Thanks @Thomas for sharing the insight of your analytics and what’s even better you have good percentage of organic traffic coming to your blog which is pretty good for Page Rank as well.

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