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Most Creative 404 Error Pages on the Internet

Lego 404 error page

From http://www.lego.com

I recently asked my readers to send me The Best 404 Error Pages and now it is time to share the best of them with you. Thanks to all that have joined the fun and send me creative or funny 404 Error pages and thanks to all that joined the discussion about the importance of a good 404 page. Maybe you can find some inspiration to create or improve your own customized 404 error pages for your own blog.

Help me Find the Best 404 Error Page

Oops-404 error

A Danish website recently asked their user to send in the best 404 Error Pages from Danish websites and blogs. I thought that it would be fun to ask you, my great readers, to help find the best, funniest and most creative 404 Error Pages on the Internet. I am sure that you all have seen a lot of these pages over the years. Most of the time it is very frustrating because you don’t find what you are looking for, but sometimes we comes across a funny page that make us smile or maybe even think that the guys having this site really have thought about everything. I will collect the pages/links you send to me and share the best of them here on my blog when I have received a nice collection to choose from.