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My Google Analytics Traffic Report for Q3 2013

This report might a bit late (about a month), but I still hope that you find it interesting to see what brings traffic to my blog and maybe share your own traffic experiences with me in the comment section.

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q2 2013

Another quarter of 2013 has past and as always I like to share my stats form Google Analytics. As many other bloggers I was hit by a big evil Google Penguin that cost me a lot of traffic as you can see on the graph below…!

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q3 2012

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsEach quarter of the year I write a post about how my traffic statistics have been for the last 3 months according to Google Analytics. Now it is time for my 3. quarter report of 2012.

Woot woot my blog is a PR4 Blog but….

In the beginning of August I realized that Google had made another Page Rank update. I went to check if there had been any change or if my Blog still were a PR3 blog. I was very happy and surprised to find that my blog was promote to a PR4 blog 🙂 Well that was just great, but only a couple of days later I read that Google Page Rank does not have much impact on Google Search result anymore 🙁
It is always difficult to know what is right and wrong when it comes to Google’s Search Engine’s algorithm, but if I look at my numbers of the last 3 months my promotion have not had any positive impact on my organic traffic since I was promoted in early August.

My Google Analytics Stats for Q3 2012

Traffic Types

  • Search Engines: 73.36% 
  • Direct Traffic: 12.19% 
  • Referring Sites: 12.24%
  • Campaigns: 2.21% (Feed burner)

Search Engines

How my Search Engines traffic was spread across the 3 big Search Engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Notice that I still get more traffic from Yahoo than from Bing. Will Bing ever be able to be any serious competition to Google?

  • Google: 94.88%
  • Yahoo: 2.89%
  • Bing: 1.05%


Top 5 Referring Sites:

  1. techworkdk.tumblr.com
  2. t.co (Twitter)
  3. google.com
  4. stumbleupon.com
  5. warriorforum.com

Top 10 visitors by Country:

Google Analytics Map Overlay

  1. United States
  2. Denmark
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Canada
  7. Sweden
  8. Finland
  9. Netherlands
  10. Germany

My traffic by country is almost the same as in my last report. Only new country is Finland (Nokia land).

Conclusion on my Traffic Report

Compared to Q2 I had a little drop in traffic (22.670 vs. 21.757 visits). I saw a big drop in the middle of August, but it is back on the same level as the start of August. It is a little bit disappointing for me that I have not been able to improve my traffic over last quarter, but I think I can improve in the last quarter of 2012.

How about you. How has your traffic been for the last couple of months? Any thoughts you will like to share? Please drop me a comment below.


My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q2 2012

Google Analytics

Another quarter has pasted and it is time for another Google Analytics Report of mine. In case you Penguin Attack missed my last report you can find it here. For the first time since I started this blog I have really seen some serious drop in traffic. The trouble started back in April when I as many other bloggers around the world was hit by the Google Penguin update. I am not sure why Google fell like punishing my blog, but they sure did. However my PageRank at Google are still PR3 for this Blog.

My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q1 2012

Google Analytics

It is time for another Google Analytics report from me. Another quarter has gone and it has without doubt been the best this blog has ever had. In case you missed my last report you can see it here. My traffic got a big organic traffic boost in the beginning of February and from that day on my overall traffic almost doubled. I guess the increase must have something to do with a Google algorithm change however my PR is still the same (PR3).