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How to display System Information on Desktop with BGInfo

Windows Sysinternal tools

If you need an easy way to Display System Information of a computer on the desktop, then BGInfo from Windows Sysinternals comes to the rescue. If you are an regular visitor to this Blog you know that I have written post about Sysinternals Great Tools before. Sysinternals Tools can help you to deal with all kind of problems you might have with Windows PC’s and servers. The tools are small fast and most of all they are all freeware 🙂

Take control of your PC with Autoruns from Sysinternal

Windows Sysinternal tools

I just love the tools from Sysinternals and that includes Autoruns. If you want to know what happens behind the GUI when you boot your Windows PC and login, Autoruns is the tool for you.

Great tools from Windows Sysinternals

Windows Sysinternal tools

Windows Sysinternals tools

Windows Sysinternals tools

If you like me works with Windows for a living or just are a geek ;-) you properly already know the great tools from Windows Sysinternals. If you don’t know about Sysinternals hang on for some great tools. Sysinternals was original created back in 1996 by  Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell and was back in 2006 bought by Microsoft. I think that we very many that was a bit skeptical about Microsoft buying Sysinternals, but actually not much have changed. The products are still small, great and most of all for free. In this post I will tell you about some of my favorite’s products from Windows Sysinternals.

4 great tools from Sysinternals you might want to check out:

ZoomIt (267 KB) – This is a great Zoom tool if you are speaking for a larger audience and want to make a demo where everybody needs to be able to see the details. With this tool you can zoom in and draw freehand on the screen

Process Monitor (1.26 MB) – With this little tool you can do real-time monitoring of files, registry and process activity. This program is great if you need to figure out where a specific program e.g. writes its log files or where in registry it keeps its settings.

Desktops (60 KB) – This little utility is something that I actually not yet have tried, but I came across it when I did my research for this post. It is something I will check out in the future. What it does is that it creates 4 virtual desktops for you giving you a great way to organize your icons and applications. This is a feature that other operating system has had for years.

TCPView (284 KB) – With TCPView you can monitor TCP and UDP traffic from your computer. It is a handy tool when you are trying to figure out what port you need to open up for in your firewall to get a certain program to work.

Have you been using some of the Sysinternals tools before?
What do you think about the tools?
What is your favorite tool from Sysinternals?

You can download a Suite of the best tools from Windows Sysinternals as well.