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Issues upgrading to WordPress 3.2 with the Arras Theme

The other day I tried to upgrade this blog to WordPress version 3.2 but that did not went well at all. I ended up with an “500 Internal Server Error “ on both my blog pages and on my wp-admin page…! I just hate that error. It could just as well be saying: “Something bad has happened and we have no idea what. Good luck figuring this one out…!” Well back to my story. I have upgraded my WordPress blog many times, but this time I was in trouble. I did have a backup a couple of days old so I went on restoring and got my blog back online, but to the old version of WordPress I was running before the upgrade.

Theme changed on Techwork.dk

The Arras Theme

I have just changed my WordPress Theme to the Arras theme tonight. There is still a lot of work to do, but i think it is better than my old theme (twenty Ten). Hope you like it, I know that I do. Feel free to drop me some feedback. You can see more about the Arras theme here. They also have a great forum if you need any help.