Review of System Mechanic 11.0 for Windows

System MechanicI have been asked if I would test and write a review of System Mechanic for PC from Iolo. Normally I don’t like these kinds of products, because I often find them giving me the problem that they promised they would protect me against. However I have been testing the product for a few days and here is my review of System Mechanic for PC.

Installation of System Mechanic

The installation of System Mechanic is very straight forward. The installation only takes up about 30 MB of disk space which I was pleased to see. A lot of these kinds of applications are often very big and demanding when it comes to system resources, but it does not seems to be the case here.

First scan of my test system

Before I installed the program I made a Windows 7  installation on my test environment and installed a lot of crap that I normal don’t install myself, but that a lot of people are tricked in to install (toolbars and other plugins). The first time I ran System Mechanic it wanted me to analyze my system.

There are two options for this. A quick Analyze (1-2 min) and a Deep analyze (5-7 min). I choose the Deep Analyze to see what the system could do for me in about 7 minutes.

First run of System Mechanic.png

When the scan was finished (it took less then 3 min.) I got a status saying that my system status was fair and that it had found 6 problems. I got 2 options to move on. I could just simply click repair all or I could digg in to see what  problems the program had found. As the geek I am I did of cause wanted to see what the system had found of problem.

First run of System Mechanic-2

What issues does System Mechanic identified?

When I went to the Dashboard to view the issues I was presented with this list. With this list I was now able to select the issues individually and choose which I wanted the system to fix. I like this option, because it gives me the control on what is an issue and what is a modification I want to keep.

System Mechanic - Analyze results

After I had fixed the issues my dashboard turned Green to let me know that my computer was in good health

First run of System Mechanic-3

Conclusion for Review of System Mechanic for PC

System Mechanic is an easy to use tool to keep your computer in good shape, without you having a lot of knowledge about Windows. The program is easy to install and does not take op a lot of system resources like many other of these kinds of products (read: Symantec). You got the option to choose to let the system fix all the problems or to dig in yourself and choose what issues to fix. I really like to have that kind of control over my computer. System Mechanic is not freeware, but is available online for $24.95 at iolo’s Website

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I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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32 Responses to Review of System Mechanic 11.0 for Windows

  1. Kulwinder Singh says:

    Very nice tool to remove clutter and other files from P.C to speed up, but sometimes it slowdown the P.C

  2. Christa says:

    I’ve used various cleaning and registry repairing software like ccleaner. I just wanted to know how this tool is different than these registry repairing and cleaning tools.
    Is it anywhere related to the in-depth search of data or faster cleaning or anything?

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Christa
      I don’t believe this tool is good for cleaning a computer for malware and viruses. It is more to keep your computer fast by removing leftovers from software that has been uninstalled and keeping your disks defragmented. It can also help you prevent unwanted application from starting up automatically.

  3. Phil says:

    I to have seen these tools that claim a lot but deliver little, Thomas if you had to pay for system mechanic with your own money would you part with $24.95

    • Thomas says:

      It is a got question Phil. I don’t think that $24.95 is a lot of money for this kind of software, but as the geek I am I would properly prefer to do those kind of thing myself. On the other hand. For a user who doesn’t have much experience with Windows tweaks I think this is a great piece of software.

  4. Juan says:

    i never use this software, for a long time, i’m just using Tune up utilities and it works and good for my pc. Are system mechanic is good than tune up utilities?

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Juan
      I have never tried out Tune Up utilities so it is hard for me to tell.

      • Juan says:

        base on your image above, i think tune up utilities have a good interface than this software, but i’m should try to use this sys mech first to know what the different between two software

  5. Leana says:

    System Mechanic is licensed as Shareware for the Windows operating system / platform and can be used as a free trial until the trial period ends. System Mechanic is available to all software users as a free download (Shareware) with potential restrictions and is not necessarily the download of the full version.

  6. Kazi Rahim Ullah says:

    I used it minimum 2 years ago. it was system mechanic professional 4.0 version may be. it had given my PC a good performance. But, Now a day, I am using Ccleaner. if you ask me to compare them, I will declare Ccleaner as the best utility without any doubt. after all, nice post. Thanks.

  7. shan says:

    I just wanted to know how this tool is different than these registry repairing and cleaning tools.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Shan
      System Mechanic is more than just a cleaning tool. It does also defrag drives, Clean up PC Clutter, Fix Shortcuts and a lot of other things. It is an all in one program.

  8. Dev says:

    By reading its review I think it will work perfectly for me. I have 500GB disk space computer and left with no available space. Therefore I need to keep my PC healthy by cleaning and repairing my files.

  9. Matthew says:

    Great post. Good to know that there are more chances of the software actually working rather than slowing the system down. Going to try it out soon.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Hi Thomas, Excellent review! Wow, you really explained what System Mechanic is, what it does, and how it would be useful to people. I really like how you tested it by loading your computer with crapware first.

    You also did a great job of addressing readers’ questions in the Comments section. Well done, Thomas.

    This seems like a great software program that could solve a lot of computer problems for people.

  11. Dmitri says:

    Good old System Mechanic. I first time used it on my Windows 98. Hope they are still doing fine 🙂

    • Thomas says:

      Windows 98, really? I was not aware that they have been around for such a long time. I guess that it is a good thing that they have been able to pick up with the new OS’s released.

      • Dmitri says:

        When I got a computer for the very 1st time, it was Win98 on it. And domain was registered on 1998-04-17, so I think this can be true 🙂

  12. eri says:

    i have been try this software. but some times its to dangerous. this software was wrong analyze my system and delete some important registry value. fortunately i can restore it with system restore..

  13. Arslan says:

    I think ccleaner is a fine software for system tune up and maintenece. The software you reviewed here cost money whereas ccleaner is free and do all necessary things.

  14. Benneth says:

    I currently use system mechanic and I like it. Apart from the points Thomas had already added, you can schedule maintenance for any time you want to that your system gets checked at regular intervals. It is a grate system tool

  15. jan says:

    System Mechanic is easy to use and keeps my computer from developing lots of errors. It provides preventive protection that avoids having to deal with the blue screen of death.

  16. arj says:

    Having bought similar software in the past, I find System Mechanic= Value for money, very easy to use,no problem downloadind/installing, very reliable updates.
    I do reccomend this software for all level of users.

  17. Karen says:

    I haven’t used System Mechanic for years, I used to have it installed on my old PC, I might invest in the latest version one of these days 😉

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Karen
      I was not aware of that. You might want to check out the new version to see what they have added since you used the program last time.

  18. Joy says:

    This is a must-have tool for anyone who’s got clutter on their drives like me! Thank you for letting us know about this.

  19. Jan Christian says:

    I just download it last month, and yeah it does really speed up your pc it just that sometimes when I use the scan it sometimes stop or not responding

  20. Zapworld says:

    System mechanic is an awesome tool and i have also Used It and it was quite good and satisfactory.SO I recommend it.

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