Do you want to work at Google?

Have you ever been wondering how it would be to work at Google?

Have you ever been wondering how it would be to work in a company like Google? Well here is a change for you to get a tour at their Chicago Headquarter. In Google they seem to do a lot to make their employees happy and creative. For me it looks more like a playground than a workplace, but who doesn’t want to be working in a playground. Watch football on the job while your computer get fixed and free launch for everybody. That is just some of the thing you can see in this video.

Get an inside look at Google’s Chicago Headquarter:

About Google

Google has over 70 offices in more than 40 countries. Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both students at Stanford University in Stanford, California. Their headquarters is located at Mountain View, California, United States.


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About the author:
I am an IT Professional that has this blog as a hobby project in my spare time. I have been in the IT business since 1996 and want to share some of the thing I have picked up over the years, with people who visit this blog.

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8 Responses to Do you want to work at Google?

  1. Edwin says:

    It would real cool to work for Google, I mean who wouldnt work for them?

  2. Adrienne says:

    I remember some time back seeing a video on Google and what it was like to work for them. IF I wanted to go back to the J.O.B., that would definitely be the type of environment I believe I would enjoy. I think it’s so important that you have fun at your job as well as enjoy what you are doing. But it definitely looks like a pretty cool place to work. That’s for sure.


  3. Thomas says:

    I agree with you, I think it is a great place to work. You can really see that the care about the employees. I think a lot of leaders could learn a lot from companies like Google at that point.
    Thank you very much for your comments 🙂

  4. Ben Wan says:

    Hi Thomas,

    There once was the industrial age, and the administrative age, and now the Google age. Google is quite avant garde with what they do for their employees, I would want to work for them too.

    If work hardly feel like work, then the employee will be happy, and happy worker actually more productive.

    So I wish more companies will shift to a Google work culture.

    Ben Wan

  5. Pete Carr says:

    Just like my office LOL.
    If you wanted to work in the rat race, then the big G would be a cool place to start. I could spend all day putting my sites on page 1 for wicked traffic keywords.

  6. Dana says:

    Yeah, I heard a lot of time that the Google Office is not like a regular office. Google Office is more like a play ground for its officer. It would be great to work with them.

  7. DGSA says:

    Thats good to know that companies like this do exists!

  8. Greg says:

    I’m not really into computer related stuffs before but when I started to engaged myself online, I’ve found myself at the right place. And yes, I dreamed of working at Google because they’ve become one of the best companies at present. Now, I wonder how could I really be a part of their company…

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