Review of MA450i Earphones from RHA

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RHA MA450i earphonesIf you are a big fan of listening to music on the go you might need some good earphones to enjoy your music. In this post I will give you a review of a high end set of earphones from RHA audio that I have been testing the last couple of days. These Earphones are designed for Apple products, but can also be used with other devices. However the volume and mute control might not work unless they are used with an Apple device. made-for-logo

When I think back on my first experiences with music on the go I think about my first Walkman (It was yellow Sony Sport Walkman by the way). It was really cool back then in the early 1990’s, but damn it has been a lot easier to bring music around these days. No tapes, no CD’s with anti-shake but just some mp3 on a flash drive loaded with music directly from your computer. There is a lot of hype about small compact music players in many different colors and designs, but many of these devices come with some pretty simple low quality earphones. It is kind of sad because good music needs good loudspeakers and for a digital music player the earphones are the loudspeaker delivering the good sound. That is why you might want to upgrade your earphones with a couple of high quality earphones like MA450i from RHA.

Ear tips for MA450i

First impression

My first impression of the MA450i earphones was pure quality all the way. Good quality ear tips, gold plated jack stick and solid wire. The package comes with a little carry case and extra ear tips in different sizes to give you the best fit when you put them in your ears.

Overall usage of MA450i

I have been using the MA450i in different situations: walking, running and at the Gym. One thing that I noticed right away is the way that the noise reduction is fantastic. In fact it is that fantastic that I don’t think that you should use them in traffic. If you are riding your bike or driving a car you will not be able to hear the other cars even you are playing very low. The MA45oi are letting out all noise and surrounding sound. All you can hear is your own music.

Specifications of MA450i

Drivers 10mm Mylar
Frequency range 16-22,000Hz
Impedance 16ohms
Sensitivity 103dB
Cable 1.5m Fabric braided
Connections 3.5mm Gold plated
Weight 11g
Color Black or white
Price $49.95 (Nov. 2012)

Conclusion of MA450i Earphones

Overall these earphones from RHA are top quality earphones. They are reducing all surrounding background noise to put the music in focus. The design and material are top quality and so is the sound. The only issue I have noticed is when I are wearing a high collar jacket the wire sometime produce noise when they bouncing against the collar. Other than that listening music with a couple of MA450i Earphone is a great feeling.

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