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BloggersThis list includes 10 of my favorite bloggers that I follow on the on the Internet

After a couple of month as a blogger I have found out that being a good blogger takes a lot of skills and hard work. In this post I would like to share with you some of the great bloggers that I have been learning from the last couple of month. There are all great at what they are doing and they have learned me a lot. I am both following them on Twitter and visiting their blogs on a regular basis. They are really writing some great stuff with a lot of wisdom and personality.

1. Adrienne Smith
Adrienne is working with affiliate marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. She has been very kind to help and support me so of cause she should be on my list.
Blog: adriennesmith.net
Twitter: @AdrienneSmith40

2. Ana Hoffman
Ana is born in Russia, but has been living in America since 1996. She is blogging about traffic generation and she is doing it very well. She is running a very popular blog and is also making some great videos. Ana has more than 5.000 followers on twitter including me.
Blog: TrafficGenerationCafe.com
Twitter: @WebTrafficCafe

3. Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey is the creator of the great CommentLuv plugin that you see on thousands of WordPress blogs around the world. This is for sure one of my favorite WordPress plugin and I think it really makes blog commenting a lot more fun for everyone. On his blog you also find a lot of interesting guest bloggers.
Blog/Community: Comluv.com
Twitter: @CommentLuv

4. Ayngelina
Ayngelina is blogging about her life travelling around in Latin America. She takes some great pictures and tells about her adventures. Ayngelina basically quit her job and her normal life back home in Canada and start exploring Latin America on her own. I guess you could say that Ayngelina is living the dream we all have once in a while.
Blog: Baconismagic.ca
Twitter: @Ayngelina

5. Brankica
Brankica is blogging about building better blogs. She has only been active since 2009 but she is very talented when it comes to SEO and traffic building. Her motto is: “HOW TO BLOG LIKE A STAR”.
Blog: live-your-love.com
Twitter: @LiveUrLove

6. Elise
Elise is a Canadian girl who blog about Internet Marketing and she seems to always know what is going around on the Internet. Elise makes some very interesting and funny videos. She really makes Internet marketing a lot more interesting and she isn’t afraid of saying what she really means about the topics she brings up. If you think SEO and Internet Marketing are boring go and watch one of her videos.
Blog: Elisesreview.com
Twitter: @ElisesReview

7. Ingrid Abboud
Ingrid is blogging about Social media, net news and Copywriting. She writes some very popular post called SuperPost Sunday. Guess when there are posted ;-)
Blog: nittygriddy.com
Twitter: @nittyGriddyBlog

8. Kristi Hines
Kristi is blogging about blogging tips and social networking strategies. If you are searching for Blogging tips and Social networking I am sure you will ran into her a lot of places. She is very talented and a great writer. Maybe that is why Kristi has more than 20.000 followers on Twitter.
Blog: kikolani.com
Twitter: @kikolani

9. Lisa Irby
Lisa has a great blog full with tips about creating websites. Lisa has according her own blog been around for some years and has been able to make a living out of blogging. Lisa makes some great videos with tips and advice for building websites and blogs.
Blog: 2createawebsite.com
Twitter: @2createawebsite

10. Nicholas Cardot
Nicholas is a fantastic writer about online marketing. I have been following a lot of his advice, when I started to improve my blog for SEO. Nicholas has more than 13.000 followers on Twitter
Blog: Sitesketch101.com
Twitter: @Nicholas_Cardot

BloggersWell that was my list of awesome bloggers to follow. If you want to be successful why not start by learning from some that already are successful. If you follow the advice from these bloggers you are into a very good start. Remember to be unique and do it your own way. That is in my opinion what makes the guys in this list above special.

Please remember to leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the above bloggers.


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