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One month ago I created my twitter account for this blog. As you properly already know twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers and to attract visitors to your blog (traffic). After one month I thought I would share some of my experience on twitter with your guys, so here we go.

One thing I have learned so far is that it takes time to build a big number of followers on twitter. Of cause I could just go ahead and start following thousands of people on twitter and hope that just some of them will re-follow me. But with that strategy many of them would properly stop following me pretty fast. Instead I use the same strategy as I do with SEO and link building. I slowly build up a community and follow people in my niche or people that can learn me something about blogging or SEO. This is not a fast way to get popular, but I think it is a more solid way to do it. As in many other things in life there are no shortcuts. By the way, be away of the Twitters follow limits

Here are my stats after one month on Twitter:

Twitter stat

With the online service called Twittercounter you can see the trend on your followers and your tweets in some nice graphs. In that way you can see when you have increased you followers the most. With this tool you can see which twitter strategy is getting you the most followers. You can create your own free account at twittercounter

I will follow up on this post with part 2 after 3 months and part 3 after 6 months to let you know how I am doing on twitter. In the mean time I would like to hear about you experience on twitter and what you like best with twitter? What do you do to get more followers on twitter?

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